Haircare For Hardcore Humidity | Lee Stafford Frizz Off Range

This hot weather is absolutely glorious but it’s reaking havoc with my hair! The humidity and looming thunderstorms have been causing frizz like no other and I’ve been forced to tie my hair back most days to avoid looking like Hermoine Granger circa years one and two!

But never fear because Lee Stafford have created a whole range of haircare to help combat frizz and I’ve been testing them to see if they can help us frizzy females!

Frizz off Shampoo and Conditioner* (£9.99 each) – I noticed a difference in the frizziness of my hair after just one use of this shampoo and conditioner set. Although it doesn’t lather up as well as i’d like, the shampoo leaves your hair feeling super clean while the conditioner gives you a brilliant boost of moisture. After drying my hair was smooth and frizz free (even at the ends) and stayed frizz free even when the thunderstorms rolled in and the humidity went through the roof. A great pair for an instant de-frizz effect!

Intensive Treatment Mask* (£12.99) – I love a good hair mask and this one does exactly what it says on the tin. It leaves your hair and ends feeling moisturised and frizz free with a bit more intensity than the conditioner above. It does (like a lot of Lee Stafford products i’ve tried) have a slightly mannish smell which isn’t really my cup of tea so this becomes more of a practical product rather than one for pampering. But it works really well and is easy to slap on while you’re exfoliating leaving it to work it’s magic.

Smoothing Keratin Spray* (£10.99) – I don’t like to put loads of products on my hair after washing but this has actually proven really great for taming frizz before i put my hair into my velcro rollers. I love my rollers but sometimes the ends of my hair can look a little frazzled when i take them out, but Mr Stafford’s Keratin smoothing spray helps to tame my flyaway ends and leave my hair looking even more healthy than with just the shampoo and conditioner alone. Definitely one i’ve been reaching for in the warmer weather and it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or weighed down either which is another beauty bonus.

You can find the Lee Stafford Frizz Off range on their website and in Boots starting from £9.99!

Have you tried any of the Lee Stafford Frizz Off range? Which is your favourite product?

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