Slendertone Connect Abs Review with Before & After Photos

Slendertone Connect Review, Slendertone Before and After Pictures

Slendertone Connect Abs

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A couple of years back I got my first Slendertone Ab Belt and I absolutely loved it – check out my review and incredible before and after pictures HERE! I was totally sold on the Slendertone concept (with results like that who wouldn’t be?!) so when Slendertone got in touch to say they’d launched a brand new version, the Slendertone Connect Abs, that connects to your phone I scrabbled to get my hands on one.

This ladies & gentlemen, is the Slendertone Connect Abs.

Control pad

Abs belt

The Slendertone Connect is the latest generation of ab belt with an understanding that these days our smartphones have become an integral part of our fitness regimes. With the Slendertone Connect Abs you’re able to control your ab workout directly from your phone using the Slendertone app, track your progress, set reminders and more – the future of at home ab workouts is here guys.

The belt itself feels less flexible than the original but is a lot more convenient without any wires or bulky controllers. The battery pack clips straight onto your belt and with a push of a button you’re connected and ready to train. You can control the intensity of your belt from the belt itself or by sliding up the control on your app and by choosing the programme that fits your needs it pretty much does it all for you.

Slendertone Connect Abs

The Slendertone Connect app – easy to use with some great features

Slendertone pads

Slendertone app

Pads are the same as older models, just stick them on and you’re good to go – I find mine need changing every 2 months or so but Slendertone and the app will say between every 20-30 sessions. You can feel when your pads need a change because the workout will feel a lot more tingly than usual, almost sharp. When this happens you can buy your replacement pads online or from shops like Argos or Boots.

The best thing about the Slendertone Connect Abs is the battery life – regardless of the other awesome features it has, this alone would make me recommend the connect over any other belt. The battery on my old ab belt used to last around 3 sessions before it needed a charge, with the connect I could go to 8 or 9 sessions before it needed to be plugged in which is a huge plus point.

My Results – Before & After 4 Weeks of Slendertone Connect

My Slendertone results

Ideally you should give your Slendertone results 6 weeks to see a real change but as I got struck by man flu 4 weeks in here are my results just over halfway through the programme. I was going to the gym alongside using my belts doing cardio to help me shed a few lbs (7 in fact) and I do think that dropping half a stone helped the definition in my abs come through more than if I’d just used it on it’s own.

I’m starting to see definition down the sides and also at the top of my abs and since using the Connect i’ve found I can plank longer and keep up with crunches in my fat burn class a lot easier than before I started so it’s not just aesthetic changes, my muscles are getting stronger! (I also went on holiday and got a tan which definitely helps any kind of body shots look better!)

Slendertone app

Overall I’d 100% recommend the Slendertone Connect Abs for anyone looking to start building abs or those who want to keep the definition they already have. It works out more expensive than older versions but the battery life, ease of use and extra features on the connect makes it worth every penny and it’s a clear winner in my eyes.

You can get the new Slendertone Connect Abs for £129.99.

Have you used Slendertone before? What do you think of the new Slendertone Connect?

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