Life Friendly Fitness | How I Lost 12lbs In 6 Weeks


At the start of this year I decided that enough was enough – I was fed up of over eating and not moving, I missed that post-gym ache and I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable with what I saw in the mirror. My clothes didn’t fit any more and I found myself losing motivation for everything – I realised I needed to make a change.

Four months in and I’ve made such a positive change to my lifestyle in regards to fitness and healthy eating. I lost 12lbs in just 6 weeks before my holiday and despite putting 3lbs back on during my week in the sun and nearly a month of illness I feel like I’m in such a great place mentally and physically. So far this year I’ve written a confidence post on How to Deal With a Changing Body Shape and also my Fitness Starter Kit with all the gear you need to start your weightloss journey but today I really wanted to just chat about my routine and how I’ve managed to stay motivated when a lot of others have given up. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be!


I think the key with starting a fitness or weightloss journey is sustainability. Life Friendly Fitness is my moto and I honestly think that’s what’s helped me do so well, keep it up and not hate it. I see so many people on social media sweaty in the gym at 6:30am when my alarm doesn’t even go off until 8 and at first it made me miserable. But I’m not a morning person and you know what? That’s OK. Morning workouts don’t work for everyone and I’ve realised that I’m most productive around lunchtime or in the evening – that’s just what works for my schedule and for me. I also really love my food and drink so I knew cutting the good stuff out completely wouldn’t last so I have my cheat meals and don’t beat myself up about it at all. Whatever you do it has to fit around your current lifestyle and mindset.


I think it’s also important to figure out why you’re wanting to make a change. For me it was the fact that I was hitting my heaviest weight but mostly because I felt sluggish and upset that my clothes didn’t fit. I wanted to get my mojo back and slim down a little so I was more comfortable in my bikini but I found that even after a week or so of healthy eating and moving more I felt like I’d lost three stone and I realised that my mental state had shifted in such a positive way. I hadn’t lost a lot of weight by that point but I was already seeing my body in a better light, it was so empowering. You need to try and figure out the reasons why you want to make a change to help the change you make consistent and sustainable.



My Routine

On an average week I work out 4-5 times out of 7. This usually consists of a half hour class followed by 30mins on a cross trainer or treadmill, two half hour classes or one 1 hour class. I keep my workouts different every week and try everything my gym offers! Spin, Fat Burn, Zumba, Yoga, Boxing, Body Pump and more! Some I like, others not so much but I’ll try anything once. Often I rope my friend Lucy in or Joe’s Mum Jane, others I go alone – I’m not the best at socialising so I do mostly sit at the back and not speak to other people but I’m working on chatting to new people and I’ve already noticed a few regular faces that I exchange a smile with before we start.

If I’m not doing classes I go for the rolling hills programme on the treadmill or Fat Burn setting on the cross trainer. I’m plucking up courage to use the other machines like the rower or weights but am also considering asking for some PT lessons for my birthday to get a routine in place. On the days I can’t make it to the gym I walk Wilson or I do a Kayla Itsines workout and don’t forget that things like shopping or generally being out and about still wrack up those steps!

If you want to check out the tech I use to monitor my movement and calorie intake then have a read of this post!


I’ve also re-vamped my eating habits to suit my lifestyle – note how booze and chips still feature! Eating healthier in the week is actually pretty easy and I’ve loved all the recipes and meals I’ve added to my routine. I still have a cheat meal or two at the weekend and drinky poos, it’s all about balance and making sure it’s a cheat meal not a cheat day! Some weeks I have a lot of events or meals out and I don’t deny myself that, I’m in it for the long run and know that if I have an extra cheat one week it will probably balance out with one less the following fortnight.

Check out my food diary video above for an average week of food to lose around 2lbs – I think you’ll be surprised at how much food and variety there is…spoiler alert, there’s also steak and wine!


The key really is finding what works for you with food and exercise. Everyone can find at least half an hour to exercise and with a bit of preparation everyone can eat healthy too – no excuses! When you feel like you can’t be bothered to workout, push past it and force yourself there, two weeks in you won’t have to force it any more I promise. But make it easy for yourself and don’t arrange a gym session when you know you won’t have time or skip buying in or prepping nice healthy food and expect to be able to resist that takeaway menu when you’re tired on a Friday night!

I’m loving my fitness journey so far and I’m so excited to get back to it after the man flu that’s beaten me this past month – I’ve got about half a stone left to use and then we’re on a toning mission! Do let me know if you’d like to see more updates and videos, I post a lot on my instagram @xameliax.

What are your top tips for life friendly fitness?