Slendertone Before and After: Ab Belt Review

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I’ve seen adverts for Slendertone Belts for years and always dismissed them because they state you should use them with a healthy diet and exercise routine, and to be perfectly honest, up until about the last three months I didn’t have either of those! However now I’m a fitness bod I’m a prime candidate for a little helping hand from Slendertone and I agreed to take on their 6 week challenge for washboard abs with minimal effort! Read on to see my before and after photos and find out if it really worked!

Now, I have the back of an 85 year old so situps can be a real strain for me hence the reason my tummy is a little bit wobbly (it’s nothing to do with the wine and chocolate, definitely not) so a system that stimulates the muscles for me without putting extra pressure on my back is a god send. Simply peel off the plastic over the three gel pads, stick onto your tummy and strap yourself in for 30-60 minutes of twitching! There are several different programmes ranging from 30 minutes up to 1 hour and 150 different levels of strength. I started off around level 40 and now I sit comfortably but still feeling it really work at 120.

You can feel it working and working hard. It almost tingles until you get up to your perfect level and then you can feel and see the muscles contracting like you would when crunching. I’ve had quite a few people ask if it’s painful and the answer is a resounding no. If it’s painful you’ve got it too high and the muscles are tensing too much – it’s best to build up to the higher levels and it also gives you a great sense of accomplishment too knowing that your abs are getting stronger!

Charge wise it normally lasts three sessions before you need to juice it up, but I just leave it plugged in over night and it’s all ready for the next day with no hassle. I am finding my gel pads to be in good nick after 6 weeks but they could possibly do with replacing in a couple of weeks. I would say they could last for 3 months at a push, it all depends on your usage and how comfortable you are with the tingly feeling.

So, does it work?

Yes. Yes yes yes! Hopefully you can see from the before and after photos just how much it has changed my tummy using it for 40 minutes a day for 6 weeks (most weeks only actually doing 5 days). I can feel a huge difference in the muscles there and my strength and endurance when I am forced to do core exercises in my kickboxing classes has really increased.

I am doing situps as well as using my Slendertone but probably only about 50 a week in my various classes so although they will be contributing to my new toned tummy I’d say that my results are mostly down to using the belt. The other important thing to mention is that I also do a lot of cardio which has helped to drop fat and let my muscles come through. Unfortunately you can’t just sit there with your Slendertone on eating a chocolate bar and expect it to make you thin (I know, I know, disappointing) you do have to work hard to shed fat and see results, but the Slendertone is amazing for sculpting and toning once you’ve dropped some visceral.

And let’s not forget that abs start in the kitchen so to see the best results you need to eat as clean as possible. My diet is good but I still have my cheat days at the weekend and I don’t deny myself anything if I really really want it which keeps me happy and motivated to carry on. My results have been great and I’m so much more comfortable with my tummy – even if it isn’t as tanned as it was in the before photo!

You can buy a Slendertone ab belt  HERE for around £100 – what are you waiting for?!

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