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Slendertone Bottom review

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A few months back I shared with you my amazing results from using the Slendertone Ab Belt for 6 weeks (take a look at my before and after pictures HERE) so when Slendertone got in touch asking if I’d like to try their new shorts that can give you the perfect bum in 4 weeks – Slendertone Bottom, I immediately said yes please!

Meet the Slendertone Bottom, An odd contraption concealed in a pair of lycra cycling shorts that turn your bottom from flab into fab in four weeks just by wearing them and twitching for 30 minutes a day! Now these shorts aren’t going to win any prizes at London Fashion week, especially since you have to put them on with the electronic pads unsealed creating a kind of ass-less chaps look which no-one but Christina Aguilera and the Chippendales can pull off. But once you’re velcro’d in and switched on they just look like your average pair of gym shorts…still not overly sexy but I could think of worse.

Slendertone Bottom packaging

Electronics of Slendertone

Like the ab belt, the bottom booster uses electrical pulses to tense the muscles at the top and just underneath your bottom which feels incredibly odd! I found it most comfortable whilst standing up or kneeling down which meant it’s not as convenient as the ab belt for getting on with life during use but I managed to time it with drying my hair or doing a couple of extra squats after my kickboxing class (I know, I’m a crazy woman).

Slendertone Bottom: The Results

I’ll be the first one to say that the before and after photos with this one aren’t nearly as impressive to look at as my Ab Belt Pictures but I can seriously tell a difference in real life and the best thing for me after using the shorts has to be the impact it’s had on my lower back pain. I’ve always struggled with my back and my sports massage therapist recently told me it’s because my glute muscles (they’re the ones in your bum) are a lot weaker than they should be causing extra pressure on my lower back. He gave me exercises to do each day which funnily enough work the same muscles as the Slendertone Bottom, so sitting with this on for 30 minutes, five days a week has really helped sort out my back with half the effort!

Slendertone Bottom results

Although I exercise 3-4 times a week I really do think (like the Slendetone Abs) that using the shorts have helped me achieve the results I want a lot quicker than just exercising alone. I’ve got nothing but wonderful things to say about the Slendertone range and I think they’re a fab way to boost your exercise regime and get the body you’ve always wanted. As with anything you can’t just sit back and watch the results come in, you do have to eat well and exercise a little but these shorts certainly work and I’m really happy with them – go go hardcore bottom!

Why not give the Slendertone Bottom a go ready for the New Year or even as a present for a gym bunny friend – grab yours on the Slendertone website HERE for £140! 

Don’t forget you can get 10% off your purchase by using the code ‘Gold10’ at the checkout!

Have you tried any Slendertone products before? Would you consider adding them to your exercise regime?

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