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Zaggora Leggings review

Real women sweat. It’s a fact. It may not be a pretty one, but it’s a fact and one that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored! For those of you following me on instagram will know that I’m now a big fitness freak after starting my kickboxing lessons and getting my bum back to the gym. I’m in the best shape I’ve been for years and i’m thoroughly enjoying every minute of it, so when Zaggora contacted me and asked if i’d like to try out some of their famous fat burning leggings I jumped at the chance.

Zaggora Leggings review

Zaggora Leggings review

If you haven’t heard of Zaggora before they produce a range of fat burning sportswear to help you lose inches by making you sweat….a lot. They help with cellulite and fatty desposits (that always sounds lovely doesn’t it) by creating extra heat to burn it all away and leave you looking super slim. I have two styles, the Viva Capri in Pink* and the HotPants 2.0 Medium*, both of which work the same and are both really comfortable. They’re made with a strange thick almost wetsuit-like material which takes a little getting used to but they’re strong and support you well when exercising and stretching. Fit wise because it’s so hot at the moment i prefer the HotPants because there’s slightly less of them, but with the bottoms rolled up a bit the Viva Capri’s length is fine too.

Zaggora Leggings review

Zaggora Leggings Review

Let’s just say it shall we – these things bloody work. It doesn’t help that it’s been incredibly hot in the UK recently too, but regardless of whether i’m kicking boxes in my ridiculously hot little fight club or putting in some miles in my lovely air conditioned gym the results are the same, really really sweaty thighs! In fact (male readers avert your eyes) last week i ended up kicking sweat in my trainer’s face because it was literally running down my legs after a particularly strenuous session – not sure i could have felt any more attractive than i did in that moment. But never fear ladies, although you may have to peel them off after a workout the results are SO worth the wetness. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the circumference of my thighs since i’ve been wearing my new leggings and i’m absolutely loving them. For the money i think they’re a bargain and i am tempted to try out a top or two as well to see if I get the same results around the waist – however the capris do sit quite high, enough to cover and my my muffin top sweat it out at the same time, perfect.

If you’re a gym bunny like me you definitely need to give these a go – I’m so impressed that they actually do what they say on the tin, and they look pretty snazzy too!

You can find these Zaggora HERE starting at £55 – be sure to check out the rest of the Zagorra range as well!

Have you tried any Zaggora products? Do they work for you?

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