Homemade pea and ham soup recipe

Pea and Ham Soup Recipe

Pea and Ham Soup Recipe I love a good homemade soup. Ever since i got my Tower Soup Maker they’ve been a staple part of my weekday dinners and I love trying out different combinations and flavours for a super easy quick-fix tea. Pea and ham soup is a brilliantly traditional mix that’s light to the taste but warming none the less and, with only five ingredients, it’s a real winner if the cupboards are looking a little bare. Here’s my super-easy pea and ham soup recipe using a soup maker.

Soup ingredients

What you’ll need

1 onion

1 medium potato

500g frozen peas

2 pork stock cubes

300g cooked ham

A smidgen of butter

Chopped soup ingredients

How to make pea and ham soup

– Peel and chop your onion and potato and dice the cooked ham

– Add your ham, onion, potato and peas to your soup maker

– Dissolve the stock cubes into 900ml of boiling water and tip into the soup maker along with your other ingredients.

– Add a knob of butter, pop on the lid and set your soup maker to 30 minutes

Ingredients in a soup makerWhen the timer goes off, simply press the blend button until smooth and serve with crispy bacon bits, croutons and crusty bread! If you don’t have a fancy pants soup maker simply soften your onions with the butter in a pan, add the potato and stock and simmer until soft. Pop in your peas and boil for a few minutes longer before adding the ham, blending with a hand mixer (or stand alone blender) and pouring into a deep bowl!


Pea and Ham Soup So there you have it, my low-effort pea and ham soup recipe. This combo is one of my favourite recipes and this one went down a storm in my house! With a soup maker it’s just so easy to whip up a fresh and hearty dinner with absolutely no effort. No standing in front of the hob watching a pan for 20 minutes, just throw everything in, snap on the lid and let it works its magic! And the best part? There’s only one thing to wash up afterwards – sold!

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Have you got a soup maker? What’s your best recipe for cold winter nights?

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Pea and Ham Soup