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White Cosmopolitan Recipe, no cranberry cosmopolitan, white cranberry juice substitute

White Cosmopolitan Recipe, no cranberry cosmo cocktail

A few weeks back I went down to London for a weekend in Knightsbridge stopping at the Mandarin Oriental, and in the evening I took a wander down to Bar Boulud underneath the hotel and I discovered one of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted – The White Cosmopolitan. Intent on re-creating this cocktail masterpiece at home I went on the hunt for spherical ice moulds and edible flowers but failed to realise one vital fact…no-where in the UK sells White Cranberry Juice, the key ingredient for this delectable drink! So here’s my cheat white cosmopolitan recipe…

Not one to be beaten I set out to find an alternative so us Brits can enjoy the delights of the White Cosmo at home, and after a lot of mixing and inevitable taste testing (tough job, but someone has to do it) I’ve come up with my own white cosmopolitan recipe with ingredients you don’t have to ship in by the caseload from the States! If you enjoy a Classic Cosmopolitan (see my recipe for the perfect Cosmo here) then you’re going to LOVE this…a killer cocktail with it’s own ice sculpture!Elderflower and ice balls


2 shots Good Quality Vodka

1 Shot Elderflower Liquor

1/2 a Lemon

1 1/2 Shots White Grape Juice

1 1/2 Shots Cold Water

Ice Ball Mold – (affiliate links ad)

Edible Flowers – (affiliate link ad)

How To: White Cosmopolitan recipe

  • Add your vodka, elderflower liquor, white grape juice, and water to a shaker full of ice
  • Squeeze in your lemon and shake it like a polaroid picture!
  • Strain into a chilled martini glass over your sphere of ice (see below) and serve right awayShowstopping cocktail

To Make Your Ice Ball

– Put a generous pinch of your edible flowers in the bottom of a spherical ice mold – Bar Boulud use pansies but I’ve gone for cornflowers which look just as pretty.

– Fill your ice mold with slightly warm water being careful not to overfill…and freeze!

– When set you’re left with a beautifully formed ball of ice with your edible flowers frozen inside!

Because your ice ball is rather large (ooooerrr mrs!) you may need to pour the rest of your White Cosmo into a little milk jug or double shot glass to enjoy as you get more room! If you’re going full showstopper and using an ice ball then simply drop it into your martini glass while you’re mixing to chill it down, alternatively just use a handful of ice and tip it out before pouring in your cocktail. This bad boy should be served super chilled so make sure not to skip these steps!White Cosmopolitan Recipe, no cranberry cosmopolitan, white cranberry juice substitute

Ok ok, so without the white cranberry it resembles a Cosmopolitan as much as it does a chocolate milkshake but it’s still a serious treat for your taste buds, and if you’re a Cosmo or Elderflower fan you’re sure to love this version!

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Drink Responsibly Kids!


For those looking for something a bit lighter you can make your White Cosmopolitan a little lighter with the following measurements: 1 shot vodka | 1/2 shot Elderflower Liquor | (almost) half a lemon | 1 1/2 shot white grape juice | 1 1/2 shot water – Half the alcohol but still a showstopper!