My Experience Getting Natural Looking Lash Extensions | What to Expect & 5 Things You Need To Know

I’ve always wanted to try Lash Extensions, but until I turned the grand old age of 31 I had never gotten round to giving them a go. Finding someone who did natural eyelash extensions near me that didn’t charge a fortune seemed an impossible task, until I was recommended a lovely lash technician with an offer on that I couldn’t refuse!

Lash extensions are individual false lashes glued to your own…one painstaking lash at a time! They last between 2-4 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle and once they’re on, they’re on. You don’t have to touch them or wear mascara, they just do their thing.

I booked in to get my first ever set and it was such a fun experience I thought I’d share the process with you in case you fancy getting lash extensions for yourself!

Things to know before getting lash extensions:

1. Your Lash Extensions will last between 2-4 weeks before falling out with your natural lash. You need to be gentle with your new false lashes not rubbing them or sleeping on your front otherwise you’ll see a lot of shedding. They’re strong, but just be gentle.

2. Don’t get them wet for 48 hours! You might be wondering ‘well, how to shower with lash extensions then?’. You can still shower with eyelash extensions (again just don’t rub them vigorously!) but for the first 48 hours after your treatment avoid steam rooms, hot tubs and getting the lashes wet as the glue finishes drying.

3. Don’t use oil based makeup or removers. You can still wear eye makeup with most lash extensions (just check with your technician first), but they can’t contain any oil. Oil will breakdown the glue on your lashes and make them fall out faster, so make sure you find an oil free eyeliner and eye makeup remover when you’re wearing lash extensions.

Which liquid eyeliner and Eye makeup remover can I use with Lash Extensions?
I’ve found the PERFECT eyeliner for extensions and remover….and you can get them both for under £10!

4. Not all lashes are made the same! Just like gel nails, there are many different brands of lash extensions. They also vary in length, thickness and softness depending on how you want the finished look to be, so you might have to play around with a few sets until you find your ideal combo!

5. Go to a reputable technician. Eyelash extensions aren’t cheap, and if you find them really cheap just be wary. Make sure the technician you go to is insured, experienced and operates with clean tools. This is stuff around your eyes guys, it’s important.


I was a little nervous before my first set of lash extensions because I had no idea what to expect, but I was also really excited! On my first appointment I went for the most natural combination my technician offered and I loved them – they really made my eyes pop! They also lasted for nearly 3 weeks too which surprised me as I thought they might have all disappeared by then.

But as much as I liked the natural look, I wanted something a little more dramatic that would stand up when I wore my usual eye makeup in the evenings, so I went back for a second go and found my ideal combination of length, thickness and curl!

WHAT TO ASK FOR: Nouveau Lashes – C curl, Length 10, Thickness 20

The finished look was still oh so natural, but with a little more oomph and I absolutely LOVE them! The process took around an hour and a half and was rather relaxing….I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at one point!

Two weeks on and some have fallen out but they still look great and I’m really pleased. They’re not something I’d wear all the time, but for a holiday or work trip away they’re amazing!

You can take a look at my experience in the vlog below…how they have the patience and the eyesight to attach all these tiny ashes on one by one astounds me!

Watch: My Lash Extension Experience!

Eyelash extensions don’t always have to be the big fluttery Russian style, you can get super natural looking sets like mine above that just give a bit of a lift!

I’m a total lash extension convert, especially now I’ve found a lash friendly liquid liner to wear with them too! They’re super fun and I’m really glad I tried them out – what do you think?

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