The Best Liquid Eyeliner for Lash Extensions and Eye Makeup Remover For Under £10!

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I recently tried Eyelash Extensions for the very first time and absolutely loved the results! But I was told by my technician that my usual eyeliner and makeup remover might not be safe to use with my fluttery new lashes.

I absolutely LOVE my favourite liquid eyeliner, it’s the best I’ve EVER used! What am I going to do?!

Well. after a lot of research online and reading countless ingredients lists I’ve finally found an eyeliner that’s safe to use with Eyelash extensions and a remover to take it off too….ready?

Soap & Glory Super Cat Liquid Liner

Simple Eye Makeup Remover

Tips To Apply:

The key with applying any makeup when wearing lash extensions is to be really really careful. They’re pretty strong but you still need to be as gentle as possible so as not to break the bonds on your natural lashes.

I chose the skinny version of this liner so I can get super close to the lash line and gently sweep across. Don’t press too hard – and with this you don’t need to as it’s really pigmented – and try not to knock your lashes as you draw.

Tips to Remove:

Considering this liner is so pigmented and stays put all day, it actually comes off really easily which is great! A top tip for removing eyeliner when wearing lash extensions to to use a bamboo cotton bud and gently sweep your Simple eye makeup remover across the lid, twisting your cotton bud as you go.

Again, don’t press too hard or drag across the lashes and you should find that your makeup comes off in just one sweep – this combo is absolutely perfect!

So there you go! The perfect combination of liquid eyeliner and eye makeup remover that’s safe to use with eyelash extensions – tried and tested!


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