Money Diary: From Costa to Christmas Trees

Last week I saw a money diary post on I Want You To Know and found myself enthralled! I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m a nosy b*itch or just because I wanted to see if my spending habits were ‘normal’, but I really enjoyed reading her post, so much so I decided to do my own!

Kristabel lives in London so there were lots of travel costs, lots of swanky events and she’s also super fashionable so there were some cheeky clothes spending too. I’m intrigued to see see how my spending compares living in the midlands and spending that clothes money on less-fashionable items! (see ceramic owl above!)


Working from home today and eating what’s in the house. I took Toby out on a little walk and for some fresh air for me but mostly it was a head down at my laptop fixing technical issues and answering emails kind of day.

I nipped into Sainsbury’s and bought a cheese advent calendar (£10) and some stir fry veg to go with some chicken in the fridge for dinner (reduced at 95p). Along with a cheeky bar of galaxy salted caramel (£1) because it had been one of those days!

(Daily Total: £11.95)


I went to see mum in the morning and stopped at the Starbucks drive through for a coffee and a pastry on the way (£5.90) because I fancied something sweet and NEEDED the caffeine!

For lunch I had a tuna salad for lunch when I got back and food from the freezer for dinner. I went to the gym and worked in the home office so no more spending today!

(Daily Total: £5.90)


Today I had an early morning drs appointment so stopped at Costa for a coffee and a little cake (£4.90) whilst I read my book and people watched – one of my favourite things to do! Afterwards I dropped into Wilkos to pick up a new muffin tray (£8) that I’ve somehow lost so I can do some Christmas baking!

In the afternoon I needed to get out of the house so I went to pottery to finish a vase I started a few weeks ago and have a pot of tea (£5.50). It really relaxes me and I tend to do big pieces which take a few weeks to keep me from spending lots each time – I paid for my owl last month so it was a nice little two hour break out the house for just over a fiver!

On the way home I dropped into Hobbycraft for some fresh piping bags (£7), Rose gold cupcake cases (£2) and some good quality red food colouring (£2) for a new red velvet recipe I want to try out!

In the evening I went out with my friend Ellie for dinner as she was having a stressy week. Ellie picked up our cheque in the pub, so I treated us to a trip to the cinema afterwards to see A Star is Born (£9.30, 241 with meerkat movies plus popcorn and peanut m&ms at £7.50)

(Daily Total: £46.20)


Today was work work work but I did need to pop out and grab a Birthday card (£2) for my friends 30th. We were also out that night for a meal to celebrate her birthday (£40.50) which was a pricey one but not an expense that occurs every week so I didn’t mind forking out…see what I did there!

(Daily Total: £42.50)


Today I did some baking with my new Red Velvet recipe! My cupboards are a little bare right now so I have to buy most of the ingredients (£12.90) that usually would be in the house already, but it was worth it because they were DELICIOUS!

In the evening we went to a pub quiz but as we’d won week before our drinks were free – score!

(Daily Total: £12.90)


On Saturday I took a wander into town with my friend Ellie where there was a Christmas going market on! I got a Christmas jumper (£7) and we had a Mulled cider (£5) to get us in the Christmas spirit!

On the way home I stopped at Aldi to grab a bottle of fizz (£7.50) for us to drink whilst we were getting ready for my friends 30th birthday party – the final celebration of that birthday this week! – which was such a laugh and drinks there cost me (£24) for the night!

(Daily Total: £43.50)


Today was another one-off spend as it was time to buy Christmas decorations!!! Mum and dad kindly lent me their tree but I needed lights (£19) and baubles (£15) to make it look perfect!

We decorated it along with a glass of wine from the home stash and a cheeseboard my friend brought round – bliss!

(Daily Total: £34)


So it turns out this week was a SPENDY one! But if you take out the ‘one off costs’ like birthdays and Christmas decorations then it does slice off a hefty £100 bringing my weekly total to around £97 which is a lot more realistic of what I’d usually be spending plus or minus about £20 I’d say.

Travel wise I top up my car with about £45 of petrol maybe every two weeks depending on what I’m doing, which adds another £22.50 per week for travel costs. And my weekly food shop is usually around £35 a week too.

Although terrifying in parts, doing a money diary was so interesting to see exactly where my extra money is going. Maybe I should do one of these monthly to compare random weeks throughout the year – what do you think?

Tell me: where does your extra money go? Do you dare take on the money diary challenge?!