Lychee Berry Martini Recipe

LycheeBerry Martini A lot of the cocktails i invent happen by accident when raiding the cupboards for something different to drink on a lazy Saturday evening – and the Lychee Berry Martini is no exception! I had some lychee juice in the fridge left over from a dessert i’d made a few days before and before i knew it i was muddling away and creating a smoothie-esque cocktail with a fizzy hint of refresher sweets about it (hands up if you remember those!) and a super fruity tangy taste! I scribbled down my findings on a piece of paper and put it away safe for next time…three months later i found it at the back of the kitchen drawer and decided to share it with the world, and also to make it easier for me to find the next time i have the girls round!

How To

Handful of fresh Raspberries

4 Shots Lychee Juice

2 Shots Vodka

Half a Lime

– Muddle your raspberries in a cocktail shaker until they’re good and squished!

– Add Ice and pour in Vodka and Lychee Juice

– Squeeze in half a lime and shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty (and the cocktail)

– Strain into a martini glass and push some of the raspberry remains through your cocktail strainer with a teaspoon to get that smoothie texture

– Garnish with raspberries and enjoy!

I can’t get enough of this bad boy with it’s thick fruity and slightly fizzy taste and i think it makes a great Friday night drink before hitting the town!  

If you give my cocktails a go don’t forget to tweet me a picture @xameliax! #lycheeberrymartini


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