The Best Purple Shampoo for Balayage Hair: Matrix Brass Off Review | BEFORE & AFTER INSTANT RESULT

matrix brass off review

Calling All Blondes! It’s here, the BEST shampoo for Balayage Hair and its about to change your hair care routine in ONE WASH – Matrix Brass Off!

You might have seen my previous blog of The Best Purple Shampoos for Blonde Balayage and Ombre Hair where I talk through some of my favourite purple shampoos both budget and high end. And the eagle eyed ones amongst you may have seen this product right at the bottom…because technically it’s a mask rather than a shampoo but it’s SO GOOD I couldn’t not include it!!

Well I’ve had so many messages asking me if The Matrix Brass Off Mask actually works I thought I’d just show you the magic in a video review with before and after photos!

WATCH: Review of The Matrix Brass Off Mask – BEFORE & AFTER RESULT!


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Matrix Brass Off Colour Neutralisation Mask
Matrix Brass Off Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve tried all sort of purples shampoos on my Balayage (actually, it’s more of a ‘sombre’ these days if you want to get all hairdresser technical about it!) over the years and the Brass Off Mask is by far the best product I’ve used for getting that salon quality look at home.

You can use it on it’s own, or if you want some SERIOUS results you can pair it with the Matrix Brass Off Shampoo & Conditioner Set too, but either way, you’re about to take your Balayage from brassy to ashy in my 5 minutes flat…take a look!

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So there you have it, my review of the best purple shampoo for Balayage hair with some epic before and after photos too! What an incredible product ey!

I’m just worried that now I’ve shared it with you all that they’ll be none left for me!