Make Your Lipstick Stay All Day With This Beauty Miracle Product | Lipcote

You know when you discover a product that completely blows you away and you don’t know how you ever lived without it or how you can never be without it from now on? Lipcote* is one of those products for me.

There was a time not so long ago when i was too scared to wear lipstick for fear of looking ‘too dolled up’ but now I’m all over the biggest and boldest lips I can find with a plethora of deep, dark sultry shades and those so bright they make your eyes water. But the one thing i absolutely despise about wearing a bold lip is just how quickly even the best lippies wear off in the middle after a drink or even just general existing. It’s for this reason that i tend to avoid them in the office being a serial tea drinker, and that on a night out am constantly glued to my compact mirror for touch-ups feeling paranoid i’m donning a 90’s-tastic looking lined lip!

Enter Lipcote. Now, Lipcote has been around for a whopping 50 years so it’s not a new discovery in the beauty world, it’s rather more a cult favourite but one that until now i hadn’t tried. It looks like a mini nail polish bottle and it contains a clear strong smelling liquid that basically seals in your lip colour so it seriously does not budge. For best results apply your lip colour and blot, then repeat by applying another layer and blotting, then apply your lipcote keeping your lips apart until it dries and you’re good to go! You’ll feel it tingle when it’s drying and the brush tickles my lips when applying but the tingling stops once it’s dry and you can’t even feel you have it on.

I usually give it a minute or two once dry before drinking or eating to really help it stick but then i don’t have to think about my lipstick for hours on end. In fact today i was rocking the gorgeous MAC Viva Glam III for a whole 8 hours in the office whilst drinking numerous cups of tea, snacking and eating lunch and my lippy had only slightly started to feather in the middle when i got home – simply astounding! You can’t reapply over Lipcote when you do want to freshen up, so simply wipe away the colour with a tissue and re-apply as before…voila! I always make sure i moisturise my lips in the morning and evening and throughout the day if i’m having a lippy free one, so i haven’t found lipcote to dry my lips out in any way which is great. I won’t ever be without this cult beauty product again, it’s incredible and everyone should own a bottle…or three!

You can buy Lipcote for just £3.99 on their website HERE or you can also pick it up in Superdrug or Primark!

Have you used Lipcote before? Is is a handbag staple for you too?

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