The Largarita Cocktail – A Tequila Infused Lager Tipple!

Largarita Cocktail Recipe
Largarita Cocktail Recipe
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You’ve heard of a Margarita…now it’s the time of the Largarita!

A well mixed Margarita is one of my favourite cocktails! Ever since my holiday to mexico I’ve loved recreating them at home and I’ve just about got this zesty little number down to a tee. I’ve even created a SUPER easy Frozen Margarita recipe that you can do in your Nutribullet! But today we’re doing something new, a nod to the classic margarita and one of the most refreshing bottles of booze – this is, the Largarita!

Introducing the Largarita Cocktail!

Made similarly to a traditional margarita but with the added fizz of a good bottle of beer, the largarita is a beer and tequila drink designed to give you the best of both worlds!


To make your own Largarita, you will need

1 Shot Good Quality Tequila (I used Don Julio Blanco)

1/2 Shot Cointreau

1 1/2 Lime

1 Bottle of Corona or Modelo

How To

1. Fill a shaker full of ice and pour in your Tequila and Cointreau

2. Squeeze in the juice of one and a half limes and SHAKE IT UP!

3. Strain into a cocktail glass and top with beer

4. Garnish with a wedge of lime and enjoy!

The result is a fizzy, zesty, super-charged lager that tastes amazing! Tequila, Lager and Lime…what more could you ask for! You could even serve this one in one of these awesome upside down beer bottle glasses for extra panache!

It’s a great house party cocktail, summer BBQ drink or cocktail for a Day of The Dead party! Personally I love the taste and it’s something just a little bit different…even though a frozen marg will still be one of my absolute faves!

Would you try a Largarita?