A Day In The Life of Toby | With MORE TH>N

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For those of you who don’t know, nearly four months ago I opened up my home to a furry bundle of puppy joy called Toby. Having lost my elderly rescue pup Wilson over a year ago I decided it was time to welcome another furry friend into my world and fulfil my lifelong dream of raising a puppy.

It’s not been easy. There have been sleepless nights, chewed up slippers and more toilet accidents than I can count! But I wouldn’t change my new furry BFF for anything and he’s quite frankly, my world.

Now Toby is no stranger to posing for photos or being filmed for the vlogs – he’s a natural! So when MORE TH>N got in touch to chat to me about an idea they had we were both all ears. MORE TH>N have recently conducted a survey with over 1,000 dog owners to find out more about their relationship between them and their dogs, and the results are so cute!

13% admitted to chatting to their dogs about their partners (guilty) and 38% about food! A surprising number also admit to sneaking their doggos human food but also say they have started to exercise more thanks to their canine companions.

All geared up and ready to film!

So after the results of the survey, MORE TH>N invited Toby to take part in a ‘Day in The Life Of’ film to see exactly what our dogs get up to during the day. I’ll warn you, it’s 100% ADORABLE!!!


Not only do I have a very cheeky sock stealing puppy, but he loves to play, eat, run around, and most importantly – sleep! He also got to wear a PitPat for a week – which is like a doggy fitbit – to monitor his calories, exercise and sleep patterns! We’re very proud to report, they were all spot on!

There’s no denying my life has been totally changed and brightened all round thanks to this little furball. And even though he sometimes tries to steal my toast and jumps all over me when I’m trying to watch tv, I wouldn’t change him for the world!

Check out the rest of MORE TH>N’s survey and see if you fall into the same habits as the other owners they asked!


*Sponsored post with MORE TH>N. Adorable puppy and antics all my own!