Life’s Small Victories | With Vauxhall

-Paid Post with Vauxhall-

You know those little things in life that really make your day? Like hitting all the green lights on the way to work, or nabbing the last biscuit in the tin! I like to call them small victories and a couple of those in your week can make the difference between a great one and a crappy one.

Recently Vauxhall got in touch and challenged me to find the small victories in my weekend whilst whizzing round in their brand new Vauxhall Corsa. Considering I usually drive around in a four-wheeled heap of junk, I was quite excited at the prospect of hunting down extra positivity in my world behind the wheel of such a fancy ride, so I hopped into the driving seat and got ready to see which small victories might find me.


If being able to drive with climate control, cruise control and on board wifi wasn’t a victory enough, fitting two doggos into the car and having them sit nicely for the entire ride certainly was. I decided to take them into the forest as the October rain was no longer threatening (first victory there for sure) and take a nice long stroll through the leaves.

Archie has a lovely little habit of sitting in puddles whenever he’s out and Toby loves trotting through mud so I was fully expecting to be sat in the bath with two mucky pups when I got back – ah the wonders of owning a dog.  But to my great surprise both dogs managed to avoid puddles and mud piles and got back in the car clean as a whistle – small victory number 2, check!

We even met some other doggies on our walk and Toby was so well behaved and friendly which is always a good little test for any puppy owner – victory number 3, sorted! After a lovely long walk through the forest we pottered off home, changed into pjs and settled in for a cosy Saturday evening with pizza (which arrived 15 minutes earlier than expected, victory N04!), prosecco and X Factor on the tv…bliss!

Sunday we decided to head out again in the Corsa on the hunt for more small victories after a rather successful day on Saturday. This time we arranged lunch at one of my favourite country pubs nearby and I couldn’t wait to tuck into a big plate of hearty British pub grub!

After a traffic-free journey (n05) and finding an awesome parking space right near the entrance (with the help of the Corsa’s parking assist which means even mediocre drivers like me can nail a reverse park – 6!), we snuggled in for a lazy lunch together by the roaring fire. Now I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to ordering steak in a restaurant because I know just how I like it and I’ve been disappointed many a time. But as we were on a roll with those small victories I took a chance and what do you know? Perfect medium rare – heaven, with victory number 7!

I also ordered a nice glass of Rioja to go with my food but was told they didn’t have it in stock so our waiter offered me a more expensive glass of Malbec and knocked it off our bill – can that count as two? Very happy bunny over here!

I think sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in things that didn’t quite go to plan, or overlook life’s small victories because they’re not huge life-changing moments. But you know what? We should be celebrating our small victories more, because that my friends, is a fabulous way to see the world and it certainly brightened up my weekend.

The only sad thing about it all was having to give the car back and get back into my rust bucket…sorry Polo, but you’ve been well and truly upstaged here!


* Post in Collaboration with Vauxhall