My Quest For A 5* Hotel Room at Home

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As someone who suffers often from sleepless nights I’m a real advocate for creating a luxurious and relaxing space in the bedroom. I’ve also had the pleasure of staying in some pretty amazing hotels around the world and it really is disheartening coming home to your own crappy mattress, flat pillows and scratchy sheets after a few nights of nighttime luxury.

So last year I decided to upgrade my mattress to a “comfy memory foam super thick bad boy” (technical name) from Bensons for Beds and my back thanked me again and again. I also investigated the best pillows I could buy before throwing out my pile of four cheap cushions in exchange for just two hypoallergenic imitation duck down pillows.

We’re nearly there – hotel luxury every single night!

….apart from my sheets.

(Lamp | John Lewis, Grass Plant | ASDA Home, Cactus | Sainsburys, NEOM Massage Oil and Room Spray)

I made the mistake many a time of picking style over substance with my sheets when on the hunt for the perfect scandi patterns to complete my boudoir style dreams. And while I love the duvet sets I’ve got for how they make my room look – mustard and grey geo FTW! – I just couldn’t help but feel I was missing that final piece of the puzzle in my quest for the ultimate night’s sleep.

It was then I was introduced to Nour Luxury, an organic, sustainable and luxurious brand that claims to produce some of the softest sheets in the world! Using organic long staple cotton with high yarn counts (making a lighter, softer sheet) and 300 thread count (using single ply yarn, creating a truly high thread count sheet). Organic cotton from fairtrade farms and a tracking system to trace the cotton back to it’s orginal source, you’re not only buying quality, but fair products with Nour Luxury which is quite frankly, awesome.

(Throws – Grey, IKEA. Beige, Thailand | Cushions – B&Q and IKEA)

They come in three classic colours, white, cream and grey so in the spirit of true hotel luxury I chose white for my duvet, pillows and sheets, and got dressing up my bed to test them out.

First thing I noticed was how lightweight my duvet felt despite the tog not changing, and second was still how warm and cosy I felt – cosier in fact. The sheets were incredibly soft and light against my cheeks on the pillow and against my skin from the duvet and sheets, it was like heaven. And aside from a brushed cotton set I have for SUPER wintery nights, it really showed up the difference in quality between those I usually buy and Nour Luxury. They’re are a whole other level of comfort.

Somebody approves!

The amount we spend on certain things in life is all relative. And there’s no denying that £170 on a duvet, pillow and sheet set is top budget for most. But for me, I know that every time I change into these sheets I’ll look forward to it and will be sad when it’s time to rotate my £30 Dunelm set again. I wouldn’t think twice about spending £170 on a night away in a hotel with food and drinks on the town, yet I’ve never thought to treat myself to something that I’d get far more use out of, and quite frankly makes bedtime a total dream. I’m sold.

Never underestimate the power of a hotel-worthy bed at home.