Fitness Hack: How I Taught Myself to Actually Enjoy Running!

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I’ve always hated running with a passion. I just don’t get it – where are we running to? How long do you have to stay out for? Doesn’t anyone else get really bored?!

Apart from back in 2014 when I trained for the JCB mud run with my kickboxing team, I’d never really practised running or done it on the regular. I may have dragged myself out once or twice desperately trying to catch the running bug, or enthusiastically started a new jogging challenge only to remember I despised it half way round.

But recently I found a little app that actually got me looking forward to going out for a run…and after just 2 weeks, I was hooked!

Zombies, Run!‘ is a free app that turns your walk, jog or run into a game!

The scenario:

You’re dropped into a post-apocalyptic world and join a new township as ‘Runner 5’. Your mission is to leg it out of the compound to collect as many supplies as possible…and not get caught by zombies on the way!

Each episode is different and you face certain challenges in each one (along with groups of zombies you need to speed up to avoid!) which keeps the story line interesting. And it plays alongside your favourite playlist chipping in every now and again with updates and zombie runs to keep you on your toes!

I’ve been loving it and I’ve also been taking Toby out with me too which he really enjoys!

You go at your own pace, for as long as you want, on your own route and the story just plays as you run. And if you need to stop then that’s ok…just try to time it for when there aren’t any zombies around!

My Running Essentials:

There’s a new episode released each week on the free version of the app so in-between those I just put on a ‘Supply Mission’ and run with that in my ear to keep me motivated and earn extra points. These aren’t as interactive as the full episodes but still do the trick – and of course if you really enjoy it, then you can sign up for the premium version and have access all the episodes at once, training plans, different scenarios, virtual races and more!

I’m a total convert, and even though I’m still pretty slow, I’m actually enjoying running for the first time ever!

Thinking of trying it out? Make sure you read my safety tip for running first.