Get Gin Delivered To Your Door | I Love Gin Subscription Box


Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to subscription boxes? You may be wrong! We’ve had beauty boxes, stationery boxes, food boxes, but now we have a gin subscription box was started by three friends who all had a passion for gin. Their passion quickly turned into gin-inspired blog, was a hit from the very beginning of it’s inception, the blog received over 250,000 visitors in the first week!  The founders found that their was a real appetite to hear about different gins, but that trying them was really costly to the consumer.  The clever trio quickly came up with an idea! A gin subscription box, allowing subscriptions to try new gins, tonics, and mixers every month.

The new G&T tasting club helped their dedicated followers to find their perfect G&T, without spending a fortune! The premise is very simple, subscribe to the club and each month you receive two miniature gins and two unique tonics or mixers. The products come packaged carefully in a cardboard housing, with a lovely menu card with serving tips and suggestions.


The cost of the box is just £14, which includes the cost of delivery! Each box allows you to make 4 G&T’s, which makes the cost £3.50 a glass. Gin lovers will know that this is around the same cost as your local bar or pub and depending on where you are it can be quite a bit less! So you get to try lots of exciting gins, tonics and mixers, in the comfort of your own home, without a hideous markup!


They’re not just your average gin either, you’ll be testing gins & mixers which probably aren’t available locally. Each gin has something new and different to offer, so it’s safe to say you’ll never be bored with your box! If you like the look of a particular gin, your membership entitles you to a discount on the full-sized version, so you can treat yourself for a fraction of the price!


Inside this months gin subscription box there were two gins from 6 O’Clock Gin; the London Dry Gin and their delicious Sloe Gin. The London dry Gin offers a smooth classic taste, whilst the Sloe Gin is made with hedgerow sloes, giving it a fruity twist.


The Peter Spanton Tonic Water is the choice of tonics this month, featuring the Classic No.1 Tonic Water, and their No.9 Cardamom Tonic Water.  The No 1. London Tonic is quite sour, as it’s balanced with lemon oil and orange peel. The No 9 Cardamom Tonic Water is something a little bit different, created with extracts of cucumber.


As a gin fan I’m really excited by this box and I think it would make a lovely gift for a gin-loving friend.

If you like the look of the box, you can join the I Love Gin club now on  – use code xameliax for £5 off your first box!