Dinner Party Desserts for Lazy Girls | My Dream Magnum

magnum-station-dinner-party-dessert-4 *Post in Collaboration with Magnum*


Ok, so you’ve decided to host a killer dinner party evening come dine with me style. You’ve pinterested the hell out of your table, you’ve spent WAY too much money on wine and you’ve dog-eared so many different pages in those cookbooks that have been sat on your shelf and never used since the day you moved in.

It’s a day before and you realise – I HAVEN’T DONE DESSERT!

You toy with the idea of trying to perfect some kind of spectacular soufflé, you’re a religious bake off watcher, what could go wrong? Possibly a cheesecake but you have no room in the fridge from the aforementioned wine. A loaf cake? A bit too Grandma’s tea party.


Well never fear ladies because I’ve got the idea for you – welcome, to the Magnum station! You might have seen their pop-up shop in London where you’re able to create your own Magnum masterpiece with a multitude of delicious toppings and way too much chocolate. Some look delicious, some look restrained and some are so luxurious it hurts. Well we’re bringing the fun to your home and creating our very own Magnum station for your dinner party guests to go crazy on!

No more rationing your wine intake to make sure you can execute the final course to Mr Hollywood’s high standards, you can sit back, relax and let your guests do the work for dessert and even turn it into a game! How about a mini bottle of fizz for the best Magnum design?

You can literally put out whatever you like – pistachios, melted chocolate, popping candy, dried cranberries. Fill up some little dishes with toppings, pull out a few boxes of plain Magnums (or go crazy with the decadent new flavours…peanut butter filled, hold me) and get messy!I’ve gone for a plain chocolate magnum topped with pistachios and chilli which is so deliciously sweet with a hot chilli kick as you bite through. I’ve also created a white magnum with goji berries, flaked almonds and coconut! White chocolate and coconut is so tasty but with the sharp goji berries and creamy almonds it makes for one amazing dream magnum!

Et voila! The lazy girls guide to dinner party dessert that will leave all your guests feeling five again covered in chocolate and fighting over who gets to lick the bowls at the end!

Create your own dream magnum and upload it to the wall of fame HERE! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DreamMagnum

What would be your dream magnum topping? Would you give this a go at your next dinner party?


*Post sponsored by Magnum. Lazy cooking ideas all my own! (I know, I know, I’m such a domestic goddess)