How to Make Your Hair Blonder at Home – Lee Stafford Lightening Spray

I have really long recently ombre’d hair and I love it (most days, when it’s playing nice) but I’ve found that after a while my ombre has dulled through washing and styling leaving the ends a little lacklustre. Not wanting to re-ombre over what’s already there risking it falling out from over bleaching or those dodgy looking fade lines I decided to give the Lee Stafford Lightening Spray* a go to give my blonde bits a boost.

This lightening spray is a permanent solution to lightening your hair but the process is done in a few stages spread apart by a couple of days which is a really great way to dabble in ombre without committing to the scary gloves and stinky dye. Now this does contain dying agents but it’s cut with citrus to give you a gradual colour change – simply spray onto towel dried hair and finish with heat as usual, 3-4 applications waiting two days in between should do it depending on your starting colour and how bright you want to go. Now I’ve been on holiday since using my spray which has lightened my hair all over a little more so showing you an ‘after’ photo probably won’t do much good but I saw results on my ombre within around 2 uses and it was a breeze to apply. You can also spray it all over to lighten up your hair in general or apply to roots to help hide them – it’s fab! I’d really recommend this spray to anyone who wants to give home hair lightening a go without the pressure of a full-blown dye kit!

You can find the Lee Stafford Lightening Spray on their website and pick up a bottle in Boots for just £7.99!

Have you tried lightening sprays before? Would you be tempted for the summer months?

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