Fake Bake Sport | The Daily Tan for Active People

Since overcoming my initial fake tan fear i’m on a role and i’ll try any fake tan product that comes my way! This week it’s the turn of Fake Bake again with their Sport Daily Tan* and so far i like what i see!

Designed and formulated for those with an active lifestyle, Fake Bake Sport is a gradual tanner enriched with green tea and tanning agents to work with your own skin to develop colour and fight premature ageing at the same time – nifty. With naturally derived moisturisers it keeps your skin hydrated while the colour develops over several hours. Application is good. It absorbs quite quickly and doesn’t feel greasy which is great if you’re looking to get changed in a hurry. It smells like holiday too, like a coconutty sun cream but sadly it does end up with the traditional biscuit fake tan smell in the morning although nothing too strong so we’ll forgive it for that.

Colour wise it’s good. Usually with gradual tanners i have to use them for around two-three days before i start to see some colour but with this one application was enough. I went a little streaky on my ankle but as i think that was down to me applying too much product i’d say overall it came out well, I was happy with my tan from day one and didn’t feel the need to top up right away either as it seemed to last fairly well. I’ve also found with other fake tans that whilst exercising any sweat makes them run off leaving me with odd looking streaky thighs or white patches in my ebows – nice. But Fake Bake doesn’t seem to be phased by my manly sweat production at the gym which is a major bonus for me during the week if i fancy a bit of colour without ending up looking like i’ve got some kind of skin problem.

All in all i like this gradual tanner – it works wonders if you’re a gym bunny like me or if you’re a little impatient waiting for normal gradual tanners to kick in. The price isn’t bad too for the size of the bottle and how much you use so i can certainly see myself buying this product again – Fake Bake, you’ve impressed me once again!

You can find the Fake Bake Sport Daily Tan HERE!

Have you tried Fake Bake Sport? What’s your favourite fake tan for when you’re in a rush?

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