My Favourite Fake Tan For Overnight Bronze | St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

| St Moriz Medium Fake Tan Mousse Review |

I’m officially on a fake tan role. It seems that after my previous experiments and good experiences I’m getting rather confident slapping colour over my pale skin tone for the summer and no longer fear waking up covered in streaks or looking like the Tango man!

This confidence is reflected in my recent fake tan choice – St Moriz Tanning Mousse in Medium, yes, Medium – no more fair for me guys!

It was one of my friends who recommended this brand to me and if it wasn’t for her encouragement I would have never picked it off the shelf. She’s used it for years and swears by it’s results so I figured I should give it a go; and I’m so glad I did.


The texture is really strange, it is as promised on the bottle a mousse with a guide colour so it comes out a petrifying chocolate brown! But once smoothed over the skin (using a good quality tanning mitt of course) you can see where it’s been to ensure an even, no-streak finish.

The bottle says to leave it on for 4-6 hours, I leave it on all night and wake up with a lovely golden glow….and no orange sheets either – winner!

Highly recommended for novice and pro tanners alike – you can find it on Amazon HERE.

Have you tried St Moriz? Did you know you could leave it on overnight?!


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