Classic Chocolate Baileys Martini

Chocolate Baileys Martini, drinks with baileys

Introducing, the chocolate baileys martini…yep, you guessed it, it’s a classic chocolate martini with baileys! This is my favourite out of all the drinks with baileys that I’ve tried (yes, including my awesome baileys hot chocolate!) and it makes for a super easy shaken cocktail to enjoy at home.

Baileys really is the perfect addition to this indulgent cocktail and it can be enjoyed on it’s own, or even as a boozy alternative to dessert for your next DIY date night!

I’ve listed everything you need to make my chocolate baileys martini below with links to buy them. And I’ve also shared some substitutes for items if you wanted to shake things up a bit…let’s go!

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Chocolate Baileys Martini, drinks with baileys

The Chocolate Baileys Martini

How to make a chocolate martini with baileys
Serves 1


25ml Vanilla Vodka
25ml Creme De Cacao
50ml Baileys
25ml Milk
1tsp Cocoa powder
Chocolate Sauce
Martini Glass
Cocktail Shaker
Chocolate shavings for garnish (optional)

How To:

  1. Pour the vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, milk, baileys and cocoa powder into a shaker full of ice
  2. Shake until the outside of your shaker feels cold
  3. Drip chocolate sauce around the inside of your martini glass (see my instagram reel below for a video tutorial!)
  4. Pour your cocktail into the chocolate laden glass
  5. Sprinkle with some grated chocolate and enjoy!
Chocolate Baileys Martini, drinks with baileys

Our gorgeous Martini Glasses are these from LSA and I adore them! Well worth the fancy!


I know you’re probably here after researching ‘drinks with baileys’, but if you don’t have any Irish cream liqueur in the house (or you run out!) you can also use Amarula as a great substitute for this chocolate martini recipe. It would also work well with the majority of Baileys flavoured bottles like their chocolate baileys, hazelnut baileys or even the orange one for a chococolate orange vibe.

If you don’t have creme de cacao – it’s actually really quite cheap to buy on Amazon – you could also use a chocolate flavoured coffee syrup or any chocolate liqueur you may have at the back of your cupboard. It just helps to intensify that chocolate flavour, so if you wanted to omit it all together then maybe try another tsp of the cocoa powder to compensate.

Another more out there suggestion, but one that could be lovely – especially for a valentines cocktail – is substituting the baileys for Tequila Rose instead. It’s a creamy strawberry liqueur and would make a very romantic (very pink) chocolate strawberry valentines cocktail!

Just have fun experimenting with this one – the possibilities are endless for some great variations on this classic chocolate baileys martini! Perfect for a Saturday night date night, post dinner dessert cocktails, valentines cocktails or a Christmas tipple!

What’s one of your favourite drinks with baileys? Do you have any chocolate martini recipes you can share? Or any other valentines cocktails or DIY date night cocktails you’d like to see?

Drop me a comment here or a DM over on instagram…and don’t forget to tag me in your cocktails @xameliax!


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