How To Make The Perfect Cosmopolitan

The Perfect Cosmopolitan Recipe

Cosmos were the first cocktails i properly tried. I’d never watched Sex in the City, i just liked the look of the classic martini glass, the smell of the freshly burnt orange peel and the taste of that zesty lime – they’re a real classic for me. So since investing in my Boston shaker with all the trimmings i’ve been honing my Cosmopolitan Recipe to create The Perfect Cosmo…and here it is:


2 shots Vodka

1 shot Triple Sec

2 shots Cranberry Juice

Quarter Wedge of Lime

Burnt Orange Peel

How To

Tip your vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice into a shaker full of ice. Squeeze in you lime wedge and SHAKE! Strain into chilled martini glass. For the orange peel you can simply peel and twist to squeeze some of the oils into your martini, but for that true cosmo flair, peel, twist and set the oil alight using a lighter as it comes out of the skin before dropping the burnt peel into your glass – just watch those fingers!

Your cosmo should be beautifully clear with a good tang from the lime and the scent of fresh orange and are perfect to make on a girly night in or before heading out on the town – cocktail heaven!

CUT THE CALORIES: How to make a skinny cosmopolitan
Use smooth orange juice instead of Cointreu to half the alcohol and the calories. Plus, swap out your cranberry for a low sugar version if you’re trying to be EXTRA good!

Tweet me a picture of your cocktail @xameliax if you give my Cosmopolitan recipe a go this weekend, but remember to drink responsibly kids! #perfectcosmo