Bonfire Night Hot Toddy | Recipe

Bonfire Night Hot Toddy

I love Bonfire Night – wrapping up and heading out to watch some fireworks with a big bag of treacle toffee and something warm and boozy! Last year I made a Black Treacle and Spiced Ginger Cake which was super sticky and delicious. This year we’re making something spiced to pop in your flask and keep you even warmer when you’re waving those sparklers – my Bonfire Night Hot Toddy! (…don’t drink and sparkle kids!)

We got a bottle of Glayva Liqueur last Christmas and up until now I wasn’t overly sure what to do with it. With it’s sweetly spiced and festive taste it’s lovely on it’s own over ice around the Christmas tree but I knew it was destined for more. Honey, Almond, Tangerine and Cinnamon pair wonderfully with Scotch Whiskey inside the liqueur and go so well with a warm and boozy ginger beer. You can add extra spice if you fancy and serve it with bits or without!Fireworks Night Hot Toddy (2)

What You’ll Need

1 Shot Glayva Liqueur

1/2 Bottle of Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Cinamon Sticks & Cloves (optional)

How To

1. Pour enough of your liqueur and ginger beer into a saucepan and stir in the optional Cinamon and Cloves for extra spice

2. Warm over a gentle heat until hot and steamy

3. Ladle  into your favourite hot toddy glass (our are from ASDA!) and enjoy!

(A little less naughty? Use a god quality non-alcoholic Ginger Beer)

I kept mine simple as the Glayva is spiced enough for me – it gives just enough of that mulled taste with a subtle whiskey kick whilst still being able to taste the ginger. It’s fiery, it’s spicy and it’s sure to warm those cockles while you’re watching your Catherine Wheels and Fizzlers!

Fancy a piece of sticky Treacle and Ginger Cake to go along with your Bonfire Night Hot Toddy? I’ve got just the recipe for you – Black Treacle and Spiced Ginger Cake 

Black Treacle Cake

What’s your favourite Bonfire Night bevvy?

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