Bloom From The Darkness | Helping People One Post At a Time

Two years ago my life completely changed.  

In less than a day, everything I thought I knew about my life became a lie and I lost it all

– my fiance, my house, my whole world as I knew it.

What followed was 18 months of heartbreak and depression all lived out under the harsh and very public light of the internet. I continued to share my story online in blog posts and weekly vlogs, posting about the good days, the bad days and down right fricking ugly days in the hope that my experience and healing may help others going through the same.

People started to message me with thanks for sharing my story. It turns out that seeing someone else going through similar problems was a comfort, helping them see that it is possible to keep moving forward and that they’re not alone.

I wanted to help more people. To create a place for others to share their stories too but xameliax wasn’t the right space. We needed something bigger, something new and something dedicated to showcase writers words and experiences in their own light.

Bloom From The Darkness

Last week I launched Bloom From The Darkness a space that does just that. We talk about issues from a wide variety of subjects – Depression, Grief, Body Confidence, Health, Anxiety, Wellbeing and more. The stories are real, from real people across the globe who have been through it all. A positive place for you to come and find solace with stories, tips, anecdotes and experiences from those who’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

We have a forum where people chat about what’s on their mind, problems they may have or happy moments in their life, and our shop sells t-shirts and jewellery you can wear with pride that also raise money for the mental health charity MIND.

Bloom From The Darkness is my passion project. It encompasses everything I’ve been through these past two years  and I can’t wait to watch it grow helping more and more people around the world bloom from their darkness every single day.

Bloom with us:

Instagram: @bloomfromthedarkness