Yankee Candle Just Got Gorgeous | The Yankee Candle Elevation Collection

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Ever since getting my own place I’ve become a little obsessed with interior design and my decor. I pride myself on having a homely but pretty cool little space that people enjoy visiting and hanging out in…even with a little furry monster belting around!

Over the years I’ve been living here I’ve changed my colour scheme a number of times – I mean, what’s a few new cushions and some throws every now and again right? We can’t sit here with tropical prints in the winter time when there’s all that faux fur calling us!

I also like to change up my candle scents throughout the year too. Think bright and light floral scents in the summer, crisp pine in the winter and woody earthy scents in Autumn. Yankee Candle are amazing for capturing a million and one different smells and popping them into jars for every occasion or season with beautiful colours and shapes to brighten up you’re rooms. Call me demanding, but I want my candles to not only smell amazing, but to sit nicely with my decor too, so sometimes brightly coloured bell jars don’t quite go with the look I’m aiming for.

For my fellow design snob’s, I’ve got something you’re going to love – the new Yankee Candle Elevation Collection. The Elevation Collection is a range of elegant scents with an beautifully angular glass body to match. The matte gold lid turns into a base for the squared jars to sit on and the beautiful illustrations on the front with muted wax colours mean all the candles in this collection compliment any room.

I’ve been absolutely loving the Velvet Woods and Dark Berries scents recently – and they burn really well together too. They make my little flat feel like a fresh Autumn dog walk, crunching through the leaves in my wellies wrapped up warm but with the blue sky shining above.

And they sit so nicely in all of my rooms with their natural colours and clean lines – I’ve got my eye on a few more from the collection too as I’m burning these pretty much every day, they’re perfect!

You can find the different scent available in the Yanke Candle Elevation Collection on their website HERE

Which scent would you choose?


*Sponsored post with Yankee Candle – as always all opinions are my own…as is my candle obsession!