The Holy Grail Cleaner That Saved My Carpet

Bissell Carpet Cleaner for Pets (8)

This little furry monster is one of the best decisions I have made and I love having Wilson in my home as grumpy as he is! However adopting an elderly rescue dog with a spot of doggy dementia and a very sensitive tummy wreaks havoc on your carpet and with the amount of cleaning products I was using i’m pretty sure the ozone layer was cursing us! After Wilson picked up a tummy bug we passed the point of no return with our once lovely cream carpet and decided it was time for the big guns.

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Welcome to the Bissell CleanView Reach Carpet Cleaner* (£149.99) the answer to all our carpet woes! If you’ve ever hired one of those industrial cleaners before and tried to use it then you’ll know what a pain they are and how impractical it all is for spot cleaning or regular stains – it’s basically soak your entire carpet or nothing! This where the Bissell CleanView Reach comes into its own for convenient but effective cleaning of an entire room or on the spot messes.

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Simply fill with warm water and top up with cleaning solution and you’re good to go spraying the carpet with solution and rolling over it to hoover the water back up along with your stains – it’s as easy as that! With the weight of a normal upright vacuum cleaner and enough in the tank to do a whole room it’s a breeze to get in an out of the cupboard whenever you need it. It also has a handheld brush nozzle which is fantastic for smaller stains if you just need to do a patch like a red wine spill or naughty puppy mess!

A three year old stain we’ve tried everything to get rid of – Before and After one clean with the Bissell Cleanview

There’s not really much point me showing you normal stains being removed with the Bissell because they totally disappear you really wouldn’t believe it and would be shouting ‘FAKE’ at your screen! So here’s a stain (I think coffee or red wine…we hope just coffee or red wine!) that was under a recently moved bed – it’s been there for at least three years before I moved in. I tried everything to get the stain up, a multitude of cleaners, bicarb of soda and nothing shifted it. This is the result with one clean using the Bissell Cleanview and it’s incredible for such a solid set stain! With another clean (and maybe a stronger stain removing solution) you won’t know anything was there and even now in natural daylight you can barely see it.

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I’m so impressed with the Bissell CleanView Carpet Cleaner and it really is one of the best things we’ve got for the house since having little Wilson – a must for any pet owner, parent of small humans or just for the clumsy people out there like me!

You can find the CleanView and the full range of Bissell’s cleaners on their website here starting at just £99!


*Bissell sent us a CleanView Carpet Cleaner in exchange for an honest review about our experience…and we LOVE it!