50 Things To Do on New Year’s Eve

50 things to do on new year's eve
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Struggling to think of things to do on new year’s eve? It’s always tricky to come up with new ideas for when the clock strikes midnight.

But I’ve got you covered with my list of 50 things to do on new year’s eve…from a wild night out to a quiet night in you’re in for some fun this new year’s eve!

1. Watch a fireworks display
2. Have a DIY date night at home and each make one another your favourite meal
3. Play your favourite board games
4. Pamper night
5. Throw a house party with all your friends
6. Book in to your favourite restaurant
7. Escape to a hotel for a romantic night away
8. Clean the house ready for the new year and sort through all your junk!
9. Eat a starter, main and pudding in three different restaurants
10. Harry Potter marathon
11. Find a local pub quiz or host your own
12. Throw a kids party for adults – pin the tail on the donkey, jelly, cheese and pineapple on a stick!
13. Karaoke
14. Bake a cake or a batch of your favourite cookies
15. Do an escape room!
16. Build a den in the living room
17. Invent a fantastic new cocktail!
18. Write a life to do list for the new year – where do you want to visit, what do you want to achieve
19. Book a holiday or plan a trip away
20. Cook dinner for your parents or have the whole family round
21. Make a scrapbook of all the best things that have happened this year – gig tickets, places you’ve travelled, favourite moments
22. Got to the gym and start your new year fitness regime early!
23. PJ party!!!
24. Hire a hot tub!
25. Print off your favourite photos from the past year and put them in a frame
26. Take a crazy NYE selfie and start a yearly tradition – how much have you changed over the space of a year
27. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
28. Giggle along at a comedy club
29. Organise a DIY wine tasting at home
30. Watch each other’s favourite film with your partner or friend
31. Try to solve a mystery case file with some friends and your favourite food & drink!
32. Hit the town and your favourite bars
33. Try out a new recipe
34. Clear out your wardrobe and donate your clothes to charity
35. Watch your favourite band live
36. Toast a drink every time a different country celebrates new year!
37. Get a new haircut
38. Organise a reunion for friends and family who never see each other anymore
39. Buy a brand new outfit
40. Organise a fancy dress night out
41. Book a flight and celebrate the count down in a different country!
42. Pub golf!
43. Write a list of things you like about yourself and things you’d like to change
44. Try a new hobby
45. Go to the theatre
46. Book or host a murder mystery night!
47. Buy a ‘Brew your own beer kit‘ and make some for the new year
48. Decorate your least favourite room in the house
49. Give a gift to a stranger and pass on some love
50. Simply watch the countdown on tv with a cup of tea, a takeaway and your favourite people

What’s your favourite thing to do on New Year’s Eve? Have you got any crazy plans this year?

Leave me a comment down below and let me know!