Benefit Sugarbomb | Review & Swatch

You’ll have probably read a million reviews of this product before but as I only discovered it a few months ago i figured there has to be at least one person out there who hasn’t discovered it yet – so person, this is for you! Benefit’s Sugarbomb is a beautiful light pink blush with a subtle shimmer that was born to live and brighten up my pale complexion.

Inside the usual beautiful Benefit packaging you’ll find a mini square brush and a four little triangles of finely milled blush powder – a light pink, lilac purple, salmon pink and a peach that smell gorgeous. I mix the colours together with the brush before applying the blusher and it gives a lovely subtle pink colour with a highlighted finish that’s perfect for my super pale skin tone. It just adds a flush of colour to the cheeks with a nice shimmer that catches the light wonderfully.

You can build up the colour with a brush if you like but i think it’s quite nice applied sparingly onto the skin to add a little colour and highlight that looks painfully natural and brightens up the face in an instant. It really is my go-to blusher when i feel like wearing a light and subtle makeup look and i’ve found myself picking it up a lot more lately. If you’re looking for a strong pigmented blush colour then this probably isn’t for you, but if you’re after that flushed ‘just in from the cold’ effect then Sugarbomb will be right up your street!

You can pick up a this Sugarbomb Blush from the Benefit website HERE for just £23.50 – if you’re pale like me then this blush really is a makeup case staple!

Have you tried Benefit’s Sugarbomb yet? Where does it sit in your list of favourite blushers?

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