Tresemme 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray

I have quite thick hair, and it needs to be layered and backcombed to stop it from weighing itself down and making me look like a lighter Mortisha Adams. So w was looking for products to help give my roots a bit of oomph when i stumbled across Tresemme’s 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray and thought i would give it a go.

I wanted to stay away from mousse products because in previous experience i’ve always found them to make my hair quite crunchy when dry so i when i spotted this body boosting product in a spray pump i was intrigued.

How to Use It

You use it on damp hair and spray into the roots before drying and styling and I find it works well if i section my hair and spray it in even layers before using a barrel brush to blow dry up from the roots for added volume.

Does it Work?

Personally i’m quite pleased with the extra volume this product gives – don’t get me wrong, it still needs a bit of teasing after it’s dry to get the amount of body i want, but spraying this on beforehand does make a difference. I did find that if i sprayed too much of this product around the top layers of my hair it just made it look terribly greasy…not a good look so be wary of that. All in all i like this spray and the boost it gives my hair, although i do think that it’s better suited to fine hair as it has it’s work cut out trying to lift my heavy mane!

I got my bottle for around £5 from Superdrug  and you can find it on their website HERE if you’d like to give it a go too!

Have you use Tresemme’s 24 Hour Root Boost Spray before? What do you think?