Zoeva Brushes Face Set | Review

I never used to be bothered about makeup brushes until last year when i made the decision to ditch my cheapy ELF collection in favour of a basic Real Techniques set and a few MAC eyeshadow brushes. The problem is, good makeup brushes are really expensive and i find that they just don’t tend to bring with them the satisfaction of purchasing a new high-end lippy or foundation and buying them all at once can be a bit of a shock to the system. But since swapping my cheap brushes for good quality brushes i do find myself getting excited about them and looking after them all a lot better too.

So when this simply stunning Face Set* from Zoeva dropped through my letterbox i was like a kid at Christmas stroking them all and considering taking all my makeup off there and then just so i could re-apply and give them a go! As the name suggests this kit contains everything you need to apply your face makeup products from concealer to foundation to blush and even contour.

Inside the kit we have:

142 Concealer Buffer

110 Face Shape

102 Silk Finish

106 Powder

104 Buffer

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

I really love the concealer buffer – great for under the eyes, and the large flat kabuki buffer (104) is amazing for blending foundation. I find the Silk Finish 102 to be great for contouring and the 127 sheer cheek is the perfect size for precision blush application. All of the brushes are incredibly soft and provoke a rather uncontrollable urge to stroke them all over your face without using any products over and over again! The handles are sturdy and they come with a free travel size spray cleanser which is incredibly handy especially for those brushes used for foundation and concealer – what i like to call the heavy products. There’s no shedding either and they clean up well under a warm tap with some conditioner.

I really feel like my makeup brush collection is now almost complete which is a very satisfying feeling! I would certainly buy more Zoeva brushes too – i have my sights on their Eye Set at the moment, i think they’re fantastic value for money considering their quality. Bravo Zoeva, i’m really glad i’ve found you!

You can get your mitts on this gorgeous face set on the Zoeva website for £40!

Have you used any Zoeva brushes before? How do you think they compare to other brands?

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