Money Diary On Film: From Valentine’s Deliveries to Surprise Owls…?!

Valentines spending money diary

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We’re back with another money diary….because we’re all secret nosey buggers who like to see how other people are spending their wages! Read on for my Valentines spending…

This week it’s Valentines week, the week of luuuuuuurve and it involves a house party plus a big old day in the city for work so spending is pretty varied!

Let’s see where it’s all going in Feb…oh, and I filmed it too for all you visual people – double the money diary fun – You can watch that at the bottom of this post!


Monday’s spending was all in the evening as the boyfriend and I went out to Tesco to do our weekly food shop. We try to keep things healthy and get a variety of foodie bits – I filmed a food shop haul in the vlog below if you’d like a rummage through my fridge – and so it came in at £19 each this week!

Now I’m not overly big on Valentine’s Day but I did want to show my girl friends how much they’re loved and appreciated and this seemed like a great week to do that! So I ordered five cards to be delivered on Thursday to surprise them which came to £19.80 on Moonpig.

Don’t worry, I had already bought the boyfriend a little card and present the other week so no one was left out…except maybe the dog. Damn, now I feel bad.

Daily Total: £38.80


NO SPEND DAY! Yay! I think we all need more of these.

Daily Total: £0


Today was another quiet day in the office eating the food from our weekly shop and tapping away on my keyboard.

I went to a new yoga class at my gym in the morning which is one of the extra classes that you pay for on top of your membership. It cost £2 to join in for the hour but was well worth it to stretch out my back a bit and calm the old mind!

In the evening the boyf and I went to the cinema to see Bohemian Rhapsody with my Meerkat Movies 241 discount code making it a very respectable £3.65 each…and what a film it was too! We’re trying to do this every week because it’s so cheap and it makes for a lovely few hours out the house together.

I also treated myself to a blue Tango Ice Blast while we were watching Freddie Mercury do his thing because they’re amazing and I am quite clearly still a big kid (£2.05)!

Daily Total: £7.70


Thursday evening I went to go and see one of my girl friends who was having a stressful week. I took round some leftover spaghetti bolognese for us to eat and I popped into Tesco to buy her a bunch of flowers, pudding and a little mini bottle of wine (£9.65).

Sometimes all we need is a glass of vino, a home cooked meal and a shoulder to lean on to make everything seem all right again.

Daily Total: £9.65


Friday was a busy one in Birmingham all day for work. A return train to Birmingham these days is £11.70 and I stopped at the local coffee stand at the station for a flat white and a flapjack (£5.25) to help perk me up a little on this chilly February morning!

After my first client meeting I pottered into New Look to pick up a new pair of jeans as I ripped the pocket off mine the other day (£25.99 + 5p bag charge because someone forgot their canvas tote, doh). The original pair have lasted me over a year so I didn’t feel too bad about treating myself to a new one. I also went into Primark to get some sunglasses and a new belt for today’s blog photoshoot (£8).

The problem with being in the city all day means you tend to wrack up quite a few food and drinks bills unless you bring a packed lunch – which I did not! I treated my friend Naomi to lunch at Lost & Found in exchange for helping me out with my blog photos and we both had some delicious pizzas off their lunch special menu which was only £14 for two…not bad for the city, and they were AMAZING!

After our photoshoot we went for a couple of well-deserved drinks (£12.80) before I started my next job hosting a valentines mingle event with Bumble at Malmaison. I tucked into the party nibbles for my tea and made it home without spending anything else, thank godness!

Daily Total: £77.79 (yikes!)


On Saturday we hosted a little Palentine’s party with the girls in the flat! A quick trip to Tesco for boozy, nibbly supplies came in at £21.18 which is a damn sight cheaper than a night on the town, AND you can do it all in your pjs – got to love a house party with your besties!

Daily Total: £21.18


On Sunday we had a chilled one but I had a silly little Valentines Day surprise for Chris (something only the Alan Partridge fans reading this will understand)….a trip to a local Owl Sanctuary (£5 for two, what a bargain and totally worth it for the lols!).

After a cracking hour or so at the sanctuary we took Toby for a big walk via his favourite pet shop to get a new toy and some treats (£5.99) which he was VERY pleased with – I guess he did get a Valentine’s treat after all!

That evening to round off our week Chris treated us to a Chinese takeaway (FREE, thanks C!) and we even got an early night in too! Bliss!

Daily Total: £10.99


Ok, so this week turned out to be quite a pricey one in the end due to Valentines spending, BUT it did contain the big food shop and about £35-40 spent on nice things for my lovely friends.

I also treated myself to a new pair of jeans which isn’t a weekly occurrence so I don’t think we did too badly…what do you think?

WATCH: Valentines Spending Money Diary

(Including my weekly shop food haul!)

See you next time for another thrilling instalment of xameliax spends way too much money on crap she doesn’t need!


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