Living With a Pet Allergy and How We Make It Work

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I’ve always wanted a dog. Ever since I was a little girl I would drag my puppy shaped teddies around on a lead, teach them ‘tricks’ and feed them dog biscuits I’d drawn onto a piece of paper, coloured in and put in a little plastic bowl!

One night after a local fayre mum and dad bought me a giant Dalmatian shaped balloon. They tied it to my bed post when they tucked me in that night because I couldn’t be without it, and when they came to check on me a couple of hours later they found me snuggled up cuddling my dog balloon as I slept.*

It’s safe to say I’ve always been dog obsessed!

We could never have a dog when I was growing up because my Dad is allergic. Both my parents love dogs but we we couldn’t have one without kicking Dad out the house (which I was told wasn’t an option), so I had to patiently wait until I’d moved out to get my own, non-helium filled four legged friend!

Years went by and the time just wasn’t quite right to get a dog. I was renovating a house, then living in a tiny 2nd floor flat and then having to move back in with my parents for a while – it just wasn’t possible. In 2015 my ex-boyfriend and I decided to adopt an oldie – a rescue dog named Wilson. Wilson was one of those dogs that no-one wanted because of his very old age and a list of ailments as long as your arm. He was very nervous around new people, cats, children – basically anyone but us – and he wasn’t into affection but we loved him for every day of his last 18 months until he very sadly passed away. It was hard raising an elderly dog with a lot of health and behavioural issues, but Wilson left a big gap in my life that I knew couldn’t go unfilled for long.

In 2017 I had moved into my little flat and started a new chapter of my life on my own. I was full time with my blog and youtube channel and running my business from the comfort of my very own sofa. I loved my little flat, and my new found ‘sassy independent woman’ freedom, but something was missing. That little four legged and furry dog shaped hole was still there and so after a LOT of research and deliberation, I decided it was my time to finally get a puppy and a raise a dog of my own.

Meet Toby – my little fox red (and totally bonkers) Cocker Spaniel!

Right from day one Toby has been an absolute joy, with his cheeky personality developing over his (nearly) 2 years with me. He cheers me up on even the darkest days and, although he has ZERO respect for personal space and destroys all my socks, I wouldn’t change him for the world!

I think Mum and Dad realised a couple of years back that they wouldn’t be getting any human grandchildren from me any time soon, so Toby became their furry one! They’re obsessed with him just like everyone else who meets him and are always scheduling visits to come over and see Toby…I mean me….nope, definitely just Toby!

Dad’s allergies made it hard for him to come and visit me because Toby lives (and sheds his fur) here, but last year he tried Piriteze – a maximum strength pet allergy relief tablet – that eased his pet allergy symptoms so he can come to visit and even give Toby a little cuddle too!

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without Toby in my life and I’m quite fond of my dad too, so I’m really glad that Piriteze exists so I don’t have to choose!

Here’s to many more wonderful years with them both.

If you’re a pet allergy sufferer too you can find more about Piriteze on their website – it could make your life a LOT easier…and a lot less snotty!


*NB for the daily mail commenters: My parents didn’t send me to bed with a balloon on my pillow, I’d climbed up and pulled it into bed with me when they’d gone downstairs. I’m pleased to announce – as I’m sat here at 30 years old, typing out this adorable blog post – that I didn’t suffocate to death on a Dalmation balloon and all is well. This was the 90’s and a cute little accident….my parents also confiscated said balloon when they found me cuddling it and I was only allowed to carry it around in the day time until the day it finally deflated! Disclaimer for those at the back – don’t let your kids sleep with balloons.
** Paid post with Piriteze – all opinions, photos and adorable puppies are my own!