The Award Winning Comedy Musical | Thoroughly Modern Millie UK Tour

It’s not often a show comes to town that I haven’t heard of, watched the trailer for or have been wanting to see for ages. However when one does drop in under my radar I get quite giddy!

Is there anything better than sitting in your seat at the theatre as that curtain rises on a brand new story that takes you on a two hour adventure? Welcome to the roaring 20’s and the broadway smash hit Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Thoroughly Modern Millie is a comedy musical set in the 1920’s that follows the story of a young girl from Kansas as she sets off to find a new life in the big city. Checking in to Hotel Pricilla Millie makes friends with a group of young actresses also looking to make it big under the watch of the hotel manager Mrs Meers. Cue a new life of speakeasys, jazz, celebrity parties and finding herself a modern husband where leading the life of the rich and famous comes first and love comes second!

Thoroughly Modern Millie is a mix of Chicago and Guys and Dolls in all the best ways and the show was laugh out loud funny as well as being foot-tappingly entertaining. I’ve never seen so many sequins in one production and the set was pleasingly put together. What a talented cast indeed with perfectly synced tap numbers, belting voices and fabulous choreography…it made me want to do the charleston all the way home!

Joanne Clifton of Strictly Come Dancing fame did a fantastic job as Millie and the voices of Katherine Glover and Jenny Fitzpatrick blew me away. Michelle Collins was an interesting choice as Mrs Meers but with the help of her sidekicks Ching Ho and Bun Foo they made for a great comedy trio.

I absolutely adored this show and I was grinning from ear to ear by the end! It’s silly, it’s sparkly and it’s a real feel good night out – definitely one to watch!

Thoroughly Modern Millie is showing at The New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham until Saturday 18th February before moving on to it’s next tour date theatre – BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW!