The G&T Cocktail | A Refreshing Take on a True Classic

G&T Cocktail

G&T Cocktail

The traditional Gin and Tonic is a classic and one of my absolute favourites. Made with good quality Gin (Hayman’s Old Tom or Bombay for me), loads of ice, a generous squeeze of lemon and tonic with a hint of Cucumber it’s the perfect Friday wind-down drink or Saturday afternoon lunch accompaniment.

I’m also a big fan of gin cocktails which is why I decided to have a play around with my favourite tipple and create – The G&T Cocktail (and the award for the most original name goes to…)!

How To

1 Shot Good Quality Gin

1/2 Shot Limoncello

Half a Lemon

Tonic (cucumber, lime or elderflower hinted tonic also works well)

– Chill your favourite cocktail glass in the fridge for 5 minutes (I have these stunning handmade Martini Glasses* from LSA International’s Bar Collection. They’re mouth blown and make any cocktail look like something straight out of a bond film, i’m in love. Swoon.)

– Pour your gin and limoncello into a shaker full of ice, squeeze in half a lemon and shake until super chilled

– Strain into your cocktail saucer and top up with tonic

– Garnish with a lemon wedge and enjoy!

The result is a supercharged G&T with a softer finish which is incredibly refreshing and a little bit different. You can also serve your G&T cocktail long, just double your liquor measurements to combat the extra tonic.

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