The Best Hangover Cures – For Before, During and After Drinking

If you’re reading this then I assume you enjoy a tipple or two just like me. I also assume that you’ve felt the after effects of said tipple the morning after and would like the holy grail of all life hacks – How To Prevent a Hangover!

Well, lucky for you lot I’ve done a LOT of research into this article and I’m here to share with you the best ways to prevent sore heads after a night of merriment. Of course the best prevention is to stick to soft drinks…yeah, didn’t think so.

Let’s take a run through the best hangover cures, tips and tricks you can use while you drink!


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – here are a few things you can do before your drinking sesh to help your body recover the next day…


When you drink alcohol it depletes your body’s Vitamin B sources which is baaaaad news. Berocca contains all the essential B Vits you need so drinking one of these fizzy little disks before you start drinking will help stock up before your poison of choice starts stripping them away! Have another in the morning when you wake up for an extra boost too, I swear by these little green tubes of wonder…the pint of water with each one helps too! You can find them on Amazon HERE for a bargain multi-pack price, or pick some up in your local Tesco with the big shop.

Milk Thistle

This miracle tablet helps your liver metabolize alcohol which makes the toxins disappear faster! Many doctors recommend taking this before a night out and after and it works wonders for me. Grab yourself a pack here and try them out – I take one about an hour or two before i go out and one in the morning too.

Wholemeal Grains

Always make sure you eat before you drink because let’s be honest, drinking on an empty stomach always ends in tears! Choosing wholemeal grains is a great idea as they take longer for the body to digest and will help line your stomach ready for the cocktails that follow. High carb meals such as pasta are also a great shout before a big night out.

Mosquito Patches

For the more hard core out there a friend recommended Mosquito Patches to me for a great way to avoid hangovers! Mosquito patches release a steady dose of Vitamin B into your system (apparently the bitey little buggars don’t like it) so it keeps your levels topped up as you drink – genius!!! Pop one on a good hour before you start drinking and peel it off in the morning…definitely one to try!


Milk Thistle Hangover Cure


Now I’m not here to tell you how to have fun, but here are a few handy tips to implement WHILE you’re drinking….if you can remember.

Spacers Not Chasers

If you’re out for a meal always always always ask for a jug of table water to go along with your food. Salty items make you thirsty and it’s much better to chug a glass of the clear stuff instead of your Sauv Blanc if you need to refresh and if it’s there you’ll find that most of the time you drink it without even thinking! Also try to have a glass of water or a soft drink between every other drink to keep yourself hydrated throughout the night.

Stay Away From The Dark Side

It’s hard this time of year to avoid the pull of red wine and delicious whiskeys but darker drinks have more congeners which can cause killer hangovers! Try and stick to lighter drinks like gin or vodka to look after your head the next day…or at least try to limit your intake of the dark stuff!


Ah ha! The miracle cure in a bottle! I’ve recently discovered and been tying out Boomerang, a natural hangover remedy designed to support & enhance your body’s normal metabolism after you’ve been drinking. It’s based on remedies used and sworn by in North Korea and I have to say, it works! Deffo worth a go – just drink one before you go to bed and you’ll wake up feeling a lot less like crap the next day!

Midnight Snack

Before you hit the hay try to eat something to soak up the booze! Things like salty chips can sometimes dehydrate you more so if you do make a pit stop at the kebab shop at the end of the night then go for a pitta bread with some chicken instead of loads of greasy rubbish…your waistline will thank you too!

The Two Pint Rule

Before i go to bed i always make sure I drink two pints of water without fail! I never want to drink water the next day – it taste horrid (whhyyyyy?!) – so getting a good amount into my system the night before seems to do the trick!

Hangover Cure (2)


Orange Juice

OJ is high in Vitamin C which is another vitamin that we’re lacking after alcohol! Having a glass of orange juice in the morning is a great way to get some vitamins back in your system and is super freshening! (don’t forget that morning Berocca too!)

Sparkling Water

If like me you find the taste of tap water absolutely hideous in the morning then try a bottle of sparkling water straight from the fridge! It has a slightly carbonated taste and hydrates just as well as still water so it might be easier to take in when you’re feeling a little delicate. Whatever it takes, re-hydrate team! (just be careful with fizzy drinks WHILST you’re drinking as these will get you drunk quicker!)


Eggs are a natural source of cysteine which is said to help the body metabolize alcohol. They also don’t take a lot of effort to prepare which makes them the perfect post-drinking brekkie with some buttered toast and streaky bacon!

Lucozade Sport Lite

I can’t drink water first thing in the morning so I always have a Lucozade Sport in the fridge! Their Lite range is reduced sugar which helps prevent that sugar crash after drinking a ‘full fat’ bottle and it has added salts and vitamins to aid re-hydration. Winner!


It’s rare I take paracetamol but if I wake up with a corker of a headache I sometimes take one tablet to help shake it a little. Always read the packaging and this is a last resort! If you’ve done all the other stuff then hopefully we won’t need to reach for the drugs cabinet!

Stay safe kids and remember, drink responsibly!