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Nailvengers Assemble Halloween xameliax, hallloween nail art ideas

Nailvengers Assemble Halloween xameliax, hallloween nail art ideas

Last year at the Cosmo Blog Awards i teamed up with a few of my favourite nail bloggers (The Nailasaurus, Brit Nails, One Nail To Rule Them All and Lucy’s Stash) for the evening and we had such a great time together we decided to create a nail art challenge painting different nail designs every month! This month we’re getting super spooky with Halloween Nail Art!

It’s been a while since i got my nail art tools out properly so i’ve gone for quite an easy design that can be adapted for any colours you’d like to use or to match your Halloween outfit! On mine i used a range of colours form the new Barry M Autumn Collections, a stamping plate from Bundle Monster (BM-224) and one of my own polishes too!

Polishes Used:

Barry M


Fashion Icon



Vintage Violet


My own handmade Indie Polish

‘When I’m Old I Shall Wear Purple’

These look complicated but they’re actually really easy – all you need is a sponge! I created a gradient on my pointer finger using Barry M’s Rockstar, Fashion Icon and Socialite from the new Glitterati collection and their nail paints in Nightshade, Vintage Violet and Ballerina for the gradients on my other fingers. Simply paint your colours onto a piece of foil next to one another creating a rectangle big enough to cover your nail bed, mix with a toothpick and pat onto the nails using a sponge until you get the right look – check out this super easy tutorial from Sammi at The Nailasaurus if you need a bit more help! I then used Bundle Monster’s 224 plate and my Konad Stamper to print the spooky pumpkins over the gradients on my middle and little fingers before finishing off with a sparkly top coat of my handmade glitter polish ‘When I’m Old I Shall Wear Purple’ on my ring finger and thumb. Glaze and seal with a generous coat of Seche Vite and you’re done!

Top Tip: Make sure your gradients are completely dry before you start stamping to stop the ombre polish from smudging and denting underneath the stamper!

Why not give these a go with oranges and blacks or even a bit of red? If you don’t have a stamper you can try painting on little spooky vines and pumpkins with a toothpick or nail art brush – be as creative and as scary as you like!

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What will they paint next month? Stay tuned to find out!

Tweet me a picture of your nails @xameliax with the hashtag #nailvengers if you give my looks a go and i’ll re-tweet some of my favourites!