The Smart Meal Detox Taking The UK By Storm | The So Shape Method

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I have to admit I’ve been a bit slack with my diet recently, which has resulted in a few lbs being added to my usual number on the old scales…whoops! I really want to get back into shape but I’m finding it quite hard after such a long time being naughty with my food choices.

Introducing So Shape, a smart meal plan that’s taken France by storm and is making it’s way over to us. When it first dropped through my door I have to say I was a little confused as it’s a whole new concept of dieting for me. But I was interested to see how I’d feel after 5 days and whether we could get that number on the scales down!

How It Works:

With the So Shape method you enjoy two smart meals per day – one in the morning and the other either at lunch or dinner with a healthy meal of your choice around that. I chose to have mine in the morning and at lunch time as they’re super quick and easy to prepare, perfect for a busy working day.

In my detox box there were 10 sachets of powder claiming to be everything from a cookies and cream milkshake to spaghetti bolognese! You choose the flavours and tastes that you like before your order arrives, so I tried to choose a variety of different savoury lunches and sweet treats for breakfast.

Each smart meal is balanced in calories, protein, sugars and fats and claims to deliver everything you need from one meal. I was dubious, but I started the detox with an open mind, even though it did feel a bit like I was going into outer space with a box full of astronaut food!

All your meals are prepared in the special So Shape shaker with water and either enjoyed cold (breakfast milkshakes) or transferred to a bowl and heated in the microwave (hot pastas, soups and rice dishes) so they’re incredibly easy to prepare.

At first I was worried about the portion sizes thinking I’d be starving all day long, but I soon realised that actually it was the perfect amount and I didn’t get any hunger pangs at all. It just goes to show how much I was over-eating before and the power of a nutritionally balanced meal. I definitely preferred some flavours to others – the cookies and cream milkshake is yummy as was the vegetable soup – but they all were pretty tasty and hit the spot at breakfast and lunch.

After the 5 days I’d managed to lose a whopping 3lbs which I’m amazed by, but best of all I’d got myself back into the swing of eating smaller, more nutritious portions and caught the healthy bug again!

Personally, I don’t see So Shape as a long-term diet method as although there’s a lot of choice, I’d get quite bored after more than a week. However I think it’s a fantastic way to detox, lose a little weight and get back into the swing of dieting. You can choose between 5, 14 or 28 days worth of the diet and join the So Shape community on social media to keep your motivation up.

It’s certainly a strange concept eating two powdered meals a day, but there’s no denying it’s easy, convenient, tasty and most of all, it works!

Find out more and see how So Shape can help you HERE! 

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*Paid collaboration with So Shape. As always all opinions and results are my own. Listen to your body and always consult your GP before starting any new diets or fitness regime.