Why We Should Be Re-Promoting Our Old Blog Posts More


You’ve spent all afternoon carefully typing the right words, taking and editing photos, working through your SEO and scheduling that blog post you’re really proud of. Your heart and soul are on that screen and out into the world for your followers to read and enjoy.

But as we all know the lifespan of a tweet can be mere minutes and often our blogs go unread by many of our followers if they don’t manage to log onto Bloglovin’ for a while or if they have a particularly busy week or social feed. All that hard work and it may not even be seen by everyone you want it to.

And what about seasonal content? All those tasty festive recipes you created and slaved hours over the photos for, that Easter nail art tutorial or your Summer day makeup hacks? Why should they only be seen once when the tips and tricks inside can be used every year!


I’m a big campaigner for re-promoting old content. So many times I’ve seen a post from one of my favourite bloggers in my twitter feed, thoroughly enjoyed reading it and only after I’d finished noticed it was actually about 4 months old. Did it annoy me? Nope. I still enjoyed reading the article so why should it matter?

But how do you pull through and re-promote old content easily and without too much effort? Well I’m going to let you into a little tip of mine – I use a wordpress plugin called Revive Old Post which automatically pulls through old blog posts and schedules them whenever I want on my twitter feed. I paid for the pro version which also shows images in the tweets making it eye-catching and easier to click on and I haven’t looked back since!

You can exclude certain content, for example your Christmas category in June, anything before a certain date or personal posts that are no longer relevant and the plugin will do the rest for you. My engagement and views shot up when I started re-promoting old content and I find it incredibly satisfying to see all those posts that I worked so hard on still getting the love they deserve even after all this time!

So I say embrace your older content and give it a new lease of life. You worked darn hard on your photos and every single one of those words and more people deserve to see it! Get scheduling, even re-take some of the pics and jazz up the prose a little if you like, but don’t dismiss older content just because it’s been posted before – you never know the gems you may have missed the first time around.