50 Rainy Day Activities for When You’re Stuck Inside

Rainy Day Activities

50 Rainy Day Activities

Rainy days can be pretty rubbish when you’re stuck in the house with nothing to do. How can you fill your time without mindlessly scrolling through social media or slobbing on the sofa ALL day? Here are my 50 Rainy Day Activities to cure your boredom and keep your mind and body busy!

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Creative Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities

Do some Colouring
This sweary adult colouring book isn’t for the fainthearted, but with a nice set of colouring pencils or shading pens it can be a whole lot of fun! Colouring can be a great way to help ease anxiety too.

Learn How to Knit
There’s so many tutorials for this online so grab yourself a starter kit and give it a go! You can make some lovely gifts for your loved ones, yourself and even your pets!

Learn a Tik Tok Dance
Whether you’re 16 or 65, there’s no denying this app is a whole lot of fun! Even if you don’t publish the video, why not learn one of the tik tok dances and get your body and brain moving!

Start a Podcast
Pick a subject you’re passionate about and try your hand at podcasting…there’s no time like the present! Here’s an easy start guide.

Write a Blog Post
Always wanted to start a blog? Check out my post on exactly how to make it happen! You can write about anything you like and it’s such a creative outlet that you delve into whenever you like.

Try out a New Recipe
Pick out something that tickles your taste buds and get creative with the items in your cupboard!

Bake a Cake
How about this easy lemon traybake? Or a tasty treat for your dog?! I’ve got loads of food, baking and drinks recipes on the blog right here for you – have a flip through!

Paint your Nails
Try out some funky nail art or learn how to do gel manicures at home.

Teach yourself to Draw
Youtube is your best friend, or you can just start sketching and see what happens! Need some ideas? Check out this hilarious drawing ideas generator!

Plant some Kitchen Window Herbs
Take your time inside to grow something handy – How cute is this starter kit?!

Rainy Day Activities

Productive Rainy Day Activities

Clean-out the Fridge/Defrost your Freezer
When was the last time you did this…be honest! Clear out any old or out of date food and give it all a jolly good scrub down.

Deep Clean the Bathroom
Tiles, toilet, plugholes, surfaces – get those gloves on and go to town!

Tidy your Drawers
We all have that one ‘crap drawer’ filled with useless stuff, and I bet your socks are all over the place! Grab some drawer organisers and get organising. You’ll be amazed at how much extra space you’re left with at the end.

Have a Wardrobe and Toiletries Clear-out
You’ll probably find lots of out of date mascara and some nice face oils you’d forgotten all about. Take a look at my makeup drawn clear out and speed clean for some inspiration!

Re-evaluate your Finances
This is a bit of a boring one but it could actually change your life. Take a look at my savings hacks article for some very handy tips on how to sort out your money and save a fair bit too…overnight!

Sort out those Kitchen Cupboards
Take a bet on how many out of date jars of spices you’ll find!

Write a 6 month Goals Plan
Rainy days are a great time to plan for the future. Write down all the things both big and small that you’d like to accomplish in the next 6 months and how you’re going to try and get there.

Hoover & Dust Each Room….properly!
When was the last time you washed the skirting boards or dragged out the sofa to clean? This stuff is also amazing for deep cleaning your carpets with just your everyday hoover.

Change your Bedsheets
This is a job that gets put off a lot, but now is a great time to change those sheets and give your spares a good old wash!

Water your House Plants
Give them a bit of extra love…or invest in one of these!

things to do when you're bored

Self-Care Rainy Day Activities

Do a Face Mask or DIY Facial
Its actually really easy to do an at home facial. These are my favourite products for an at home pamper…seriously, look at that instant GLOW!
I love these staycation ideas Wayfair posted about ways to transform your house for a mini break at home. You could so easily turn one of your rooms into an at home spa environment to make your pampering feel extra special – candles, scented oils and some relaxing music – bliss!

Run a Bubble Bath
Use ALL the candles, waterproof fairy lights, bath oils and luxury items you can find, make it super extra and ENJOY!

Try a Guided Meditation
Try this 10 minute guided meditation for positive energy

Do a YouTube yoga video
Yoga with Adriene is my favourite and she has a range of sessions for all abilities. You don’t need a yoga mat, but you can pick one up pretty cheap if you want to look the part!

Try an Home Workout
There’s so many different workouts on youtube that you can join in with, depending on your fitness level and style. Or grab one of these free at home workout guides to work through at your own pace. If you want to push yourself, these resistance bands are a great idea for making your at home workouts that little bit harder.

Do a Body Scrub and Moisturise
We don’t give our skin enough of a pamper. Take this time for a head to toe treat using a good scrub (this is my ABSOLUTE fave) and a relaxing magnesium moisturiser to help de-stress and improve sleep.

Put your Phone in a Different Room or start Restricting Use
Out of sight, out of mind. Or utilise those phone time settings to put a cap on your use. Don’t get stuck in a scrolling rut, it can be really bad for your mood!

Wash your Hair and use a Moisture Mask
When you’re stuck inside for a while it can feel a little depressing. Treating yourself to a lovely warm shower and a clean head of hair can do wonders for the soul. Dig out that amazing hair mask and let it aaaaall soak in. Bliss. (This hair mask is a game changer by the way and lasts for months too)

Give Yourself a Foot Rub
Grab some peppermint foot soak for a relaxing foot bath and then treat yourself to a long foot rub to take away all that tension and leave your feet feeling SUPER smooth.
Self touch is good for the soul…so don’t just stop at the feet…
*nudge nudge wink wink etc*

Sometimes we can get sucked into sitting for long periods of time when we’re indoors at home. Give yourself a full body stretch and elongate those muscles – how good does that feel?!

Rainy Day Activities

Fun Rainy Day Activities

Do a Jigsaw Puzzle
There are SO many puzzles to try – where’s wally, jelly beans (which is impossible FYI!) and even Harry Potter! For even more fun, these puzzles are done BACKWARDS!

Read a Book
Dig out an old favourite or pick up something new from the Amazon or Kindle charts. Check out my book recommendations here!

Play a Video Game on your Laptop
I’m not a gamer, but I’ve recently been sucked back into The Sims (as a 31 year old adult!) and there are so many games you can buy instantly and download online, no disk or trip out required!

Watch an uplifting film on Netflix or Amazon Prime
Watching a film gives you a set time in front of the tv instead of getting sucked into a whole day of box sets. Pick something light and uplifting to give yourself a boost!

Download a Puzzle app on your Phone
I’m currently addicted to Two Dots, a super simple, free and relaxing puzzle game. They get your brain thinking and stops any mindless social media scrolling.

Find a Thought Provoking Documentary
Netflix have some amazing documentaries from nature to true crime – Get stuck in and learn something new!

Teach Yourself to Juggle
Because why not! Besides, you know one day you’ll be able to whack out this party trick and amaze everyone! This set is perfect for beginners!

Dance to your Favourite Playlist
SOLO DANCE PARTY TIME!!! Really go for it, no-ones watching!

Style up some Outfits in your Wardrobe and hold a Fashion Show!
Why not do a little fashion show on Facetime for your friends or in person for your flatmates or family! Set a theme and have some fun with it – try styling one another too!

Host a Netflix Watch Party or a Group Video call with your friends – glass of wine optional!
These apps I’ve linked are both free to use and make the whole virtual group hangout thing so much easier to organise. You can chat to one another as you watch on the Netflix one too.

Rainy Day Activities

Some Extra Bits!

Learn to Sing a New Song
Look up the lyrics to a belting musical number or your favourite chart hit and nail it with your hairbrush microphone!

Pick up an Old Instrument or Learn a New One
Lets bring back the recorder…anybody? No?

Learn a New Language
Duolingo is a free app with SO many languages to choose from, the perfect place to start!

Start a Gratitude Jar
Grab a mason jar with a pack of post its and start writing down the things you’re grateful for. Fold them up and pop them in the jar to be delved into whenever you’re feeling a little low.
Writing down positive things like this is also amazing for your mood and I think you’ll be surprised about just how many amazing things you have in your life…even if it chucking it down with rain right now.

Write a Loved One a Letter
Even if you can’t post it just yet! No-one writes letters anymore so it will be a lovely surprise having that drop through their door when it gets there.

Window Shop (or actual shop) Online
A new outfit, some beauty bits, homeware…treat yo’self or spend some time making your dream wish list

Teach Your Pet a New Trick
Play hide and seek with their favourite toy, give them extra cuddles, just anything with your fluffy pal really. They don’t care if its raining, they just love you and will enjoy the extra attention!

Enroll on an Online Study Course to Improve your Skills
Add those strings to that metaphorical bow. I’ve done a few online courses to expand my knowledge and skills and find them so interesting. It’s a great challenge and might even help you out career wise in the future!

FaceTime a Friend
Technology is amazing these days, let’s use it! It’s great to text but it’s even better to hear and see another human…even if it is just on a screen for now. If you’re feeling lonely, you can even just prop up your phone and leave the Facetime running as you both do your own thing chatting away. Check out this post by Em Luxton for 7 fun ways to keep in touch with friends and family online.

Watch some YouTube Videos
I’ve got a great channel you can start with right here…!

*Bonus Tip – One for the Kids*
For those with children to entertain, Jayne from Girl Tweets world has put together a post full of virtual toddler classes, playtime and parties to keep the tiny humans happy if you’re stuck inside!

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