Cute & Spooky Purple Halloween Gel Nails

halloween gel nails
halloween gel nails

I’ve always loved painting Halloween gel nails, it’s a time of year that you can really let loose with and have some fun! So if you’re looking to add a bit of spooky sparkle to your nails this season you’ve come to the right place…

This year we’re going cute with this subtle purple Halloween nail art design that actually uses 3 different nail art techniques in 1 manicure!

Take a look at my tutorial video to master this look and learn some new nail art skills that you can use in loads of other designs along the way!

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Halloween Gel Nails

How to Paint Halloween Gel Nails

  1. Paint your base coat and cure.
  2. Paint two layers of your foundation colours – cure in between each layer and after.
  3. Stamp your spider web design onto your forefinger (to learn more about how to stamp nail art click here)
  4. Create an ombre fade on your pinky by painting a makeup sponge with your fade colours and dabbing it over the nail. (click here for a more in-depth ombre fade tutorial)
  5. Cure your first ombre layer and repeat again – remember to dab off any excess paint from your sponge first and move across the nail in a zig zag motion to properly blend the two colours.
  6. Once you’re happy with the ombre blend, add a matte top coat to your ring finger and cure those two nails.
  7. Using a dotting tool place three dots of black posh at various heights close to the tips of your ring finger nail. Drag the polish down using a smaller dotting tool to form water droplet shapes.
  8. Cap the tip of your nail with black polish connecting the drips and cure.
  9. Topcoat all nails apart from the ring finger – for this trace over the black drips with your dotting tool coated in topcoat to keep the rest of the nail matte effect!

Products Used:

Gel Nail Start Kit with Lamp
Base & Topcoat
Matte Top Coat
Dotting Tool
Stamping Plate
Stamping Polish
Nail Stamping Kit
Bluesky Generous (Thumb)
MyGel Lost Memories (Forefinger)
MyGel Stalker (Middle finger)
MyGel Deep Purple (Ring finger)
MyGel Working Girl (Light pink ombre fade)
MyGel Break the Ice (For the ghost!)

New to Gel Nails?
Take a look at my post on How to Do Your Own Gel Nails at Home

So there you go – your new Halloween Gel Nails! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, if you did don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and tag me in your own Halloween Gel Nails. Have fun with it, change up the colours or take these design techniques and create your own!


Halloween Gel Nails

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