How to Do Ombre Gel Nails | Step by Step Tutorial

how to do ombre gel nails
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Learn how to do ombre gel nails in this easy step by step tutorial!

An ombre fade is a nail art trend that will never disappear. It can be used for so many different designs and can be created with any colours you like! It looks incredibly effective when on the nail but in reality, it’s SO easy to do – all you need are few different colours and a makeup sponge!

You might have seen this purple fade ombre in my spooky Halloween manicure the other week so today we’re going to take a closer look at just how to achieve this versatile nail art trend with gel polish.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Do Ombre Gel Nails

How To Do Ombre Gel Nails

  1. Paint your base coat and cure.
  2. Paint two layers of your foundation colour – curing in between and after. Depending on the final look you want to achieve, this can be the darkest colour out of your fade polishes, or just the colour you would like to finish near the cuticle. For example, if I wanted my nails to fade from pink to black, I would use the pink colour as my base, and then stipple the purple and black onto the tip instead.
  3. Take your makeup sponge (cut the end off roughly so it leaves an uneven edge) and paint on the two fade colours.
  4. Dab off any access polish (we want to stipple the polish, not smear) and start to dab the sponge across your nail.
  5. Moving in a zig zag motion across the nail to blend the two colours, keep dabbing until you’re happy with the blend and cure. Don’t worry if this first layer isn’t perfect – it will all come together in the next one!
  6. Repeat steps 3-5, moving the sponge up and down to blend the two colours. Once you’re happy with the fade, cure.
  7. Complete with a good layer of topcoat and you’re good to go!

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And now you know how to do ombre gel nails – see, I told you it was easy!


how to do ombre gel nails

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