Priscilla Queen Of The Desert | UK Tour


Last night the glitter was flowing at the Regent Theatre in Stoke on Trent as they hosted their first evening of glamour with the UK tour of Priscilla Queen of the Desert! I walked into the theatre with my boyfriend’s mum not really knowing much about the show we were about to see apart from the fact that we were in for some serious disco classics and a lot of men in heels. What we saw was just that – I’ve never been so attracted to a man in a corset as I was last night!

s Tick, Adam Bailey as Felicia - Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical - Photo credit Paul Coltas (2)Set in the Australian outback Priscilla Queen of the Desert (adapted from the 1994 film) follows two drag queens and a transsexual making their way to Sydney to perform their cabaret on stage in front of huge audiences. The show touches on issues faced along their journey with prejudice and the different backgrounds of each character sandwiched inbetween show-stopping disco tunes and a LOT of glitter. Surrounded by a fabulous dance cast and three glorious divas hanging from the sky with killer voices to help deliver the big songs, Priscilla was a wonderfully camp spectacle of glitz, glamour and gorgeous men –  what more could you want from a girls night out?!

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”dashed”]”A wonderfully camp spectacle of glitz, glamour and gorgeous men”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

With songs such as Hot Stuff, Go West, I Will Survive and Boogie Wonderland you’ll be singing along all night and humming the tunes long after that curtain closes. Tongue-in-cheek jokes, disco balls filling the theatre with light and some seriously OTT costumes we really enjoyed our evening and it’s clear why the show has done so well across the world.

Duncan James as Tick and Benji - Priscilla Queen of The Desert - The Musical - Photo credit Paul ColtasWith a bright and colourful set and incredible costumes Priscilla really does go all out in front of your eyes. While the overall feeling of the show is a happy one it does touch on delicate issues like prejudice against the transgender community and struggles some have coming to terms with their feelings. I would have loved to have a seen a little more development on this side of the story as I feel it gave a wonderful shade to the super bright light of the rest of the piece, but the darker scenes that were included were done very well indeed so hats off to Simon Phillips for that. I did find the story a little disjointed throughout as there was a lot to cram in – not really sure whether Mitzi or Bernadette was supposed to be the main character here – but as long as you don’t take the story line too seriously you’ll thoroughly enjoy your evening and the band will leave you jiving in your seat!

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”dashed”]”You’ll thoroughly enjoy your evening and the band will leave you jiving in your seat!”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Simon Green stole the show for me with his old-school demure character dropping naughty one liners left right and center which kept us laughing throughout. Duncan James gave it a good old go as Tick although I couldn’t shake the fact that I was still watching Duncan from Blue walk around in feathers with an almost Australian accent! That aside you can’t deny the feel good feeling Priscilla leaves behind along with the insatiable envy of how well the male cast strutted around in their heels for two hours putting most of us ladies to shame!

20as Tick, Adam Bailey as Felicia - Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical - Photo credit Paul Coltas

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Have you seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Who was your favourite character?

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