5 Ways to Help Yourself Out Of A Rut


Not every day is a happy day. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling a little blue, down, in a life rut and it can be really hard to shake yourself out of it. With social media these days it’s so easy to torture yourself with other people’s seemingly perfect and happy lives and it can feel like you’re never going to snap out of it and get back on track. But I’ve put together 5 ways to help pull yourself out of that slump and jump right back on that happy train.


1. Pamper Yourself

Luxury Body Scrubs, a splash of Fake Tan, a DIY Manicure (or a little spa treat!) and generally just taking a bit of time to look after yourself. Life gets so busy when you get older that sometimes we neglect ourselves and don’t take that time to look after our bodies and minds. Taking an hour in the evening to have a bit of a bathroom pamper with a hair mask, face mask or a luxurious body oil could be just the ticket, or skip the beauty products all together and snuggle up with a good book and a big block of chocolate!


2. Talk

To your friends, to your other half, to your dog or even to The Samaritansdon’t feel bad for not feeling good. Everyone gets blue from time to time and talking about your feelings will help you work through them. If your slump doesn’t move after a few weeks it might also be time to think about talking to your GP too, but don’t underestimate the power of a cup of tea and a proper chat with a friend.


3. Eat What You Fancy

Sod the kale and protein pancakes, if you want an entire tub of Ben and Jerrys to yourself one evening then do it! When i’m down food is the last thing on my mind and I completely lose my appetite which can make you feel even more rubbish without enough energy. So if I do get a craving for something I eat it, whether it’s got 10 or 10,000 calories – keep that appetite up and stay hydrated too, it will really help. And if you’re worried about your ‘diet’, remember that it’s only a blip and you’ll get back to it soon – one naughty takeaway won’t make you gain 10lbs overnight!


4. Doll Yourself Up

When you’re down it can be so tempting to fester in your favourite pjs with no makeup on and four day hair. And while there’s nothing wrong with this every once in a while (we all love a slob day!) it’s not going to help you out of your slump. Do your hair in your best going out stylee, put on some killer lippy, slip into your favourite dress – even just one of these will lift your mood and make you feel a little bit better. It’s not all about how we look on the outside, but for me when I look my best, motivation seems to find me a lot easier.


5. Exercise

I’m not talking hitting the gym and doing a 20 mile run on the treadmill, but a little bit of movement will seriously help banish those blues. Take the dog out for a walk or just go for a stroll with some of your favourite tunes on your ipod. Walk to a nearby pub or coffee shop for a latte with your book or have a 10 minute solo dance party in your living room to MTV. Moving a little and getting out the house will help clear your head and motivate you even if it’s the last thing you want to do. You can even go incognito with a hoody, baggy bottoms and some sunglasses – just get yourself out there.

What are your top tips for getting your mojo back when you’re feeling a little down?

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