The Play That Goes Wrong | UK Tour

Usually when I head to the theatre I go for the musicals – as many songs as we can squeeze into 2 hours the better! But last night was a different affair was I went to watch The Play That Goes Wrong, a comedy production about well, a play that goes wrong!

The west end and broadway hit has taken itself on tour around the UK with its slapstick cast and clever set to share the story of a murder at Haversham Manor *dun dun duuuuuuun*

We find ourselves watching the cast of the ‘Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’ act out a classic who done it play with the help of their excellent stage crew. Unfortunately for the budding actors, things keep going a little wonky making their jobs (and fine acting skill) a lot harder than usual! Here ensues 120 minutes of physical humour, clever props and a LOT of overacting!

Without giving too much away I can say we had a thoroughly entertaining evening and the cast’s physicality was the best I’ve seen in live comedy theatre. The stage was incredibly clever with surprises every step of the way and although possibly verging on bedlam towards the final scenes, the story of this am-dram production was fast-paced and comical throughout.

Definitely one to watch if you’re a fan of Faulty Towers and such like or even if you just fancy a change from jazz hands and dance numbers! Think of this one as a parody version of Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap…with a lot of falling over!

The Play That Goes Wrong is currently on it’s UK Tour – grab your tickets from the box office NOW!