How to Beat Blogger’s Block and Get Inspired in 5 Steps

Sometimes when you need to be creative for a living things can get a little stuck – your brain stops working, new ideas don’t flow and you can suffer from what I call blogger’s block.

I’ve been writing on my little internet space for about 8 years now so I’ve come up with a few tips to help get the creative juices flowing when I’m a little low on inspiration. Here are my top 5 tips…
Go Outside – walk, head for a coffee, go to the gym. Put on your favourite playlist, get into your own world and do something. A mindless task that lets your mind wander. You’ll be surprised what pops up.
Talk to People – Often people have ideas and thoughts that spark something off inside of you. Whether that’s joining an online discussion group or forum or heading out for coffee with a friend. Listening to others problems or thoughts can also help spark creativity, just be sensitive when relating something back to a loved one
Relax – if you’re constantly thinking about having to produce content you’ll never get there. Do something else (see point one) but ultimately make sure you relax and unwind, otherwise those thoughts are never going to flow.
Have a Drink – ok, so I don’t advocate actively drinking to solve problems, but in all honesty, often when I’ve had a glass of wine I’m more relaxed and my mind frees up a little to have a wander. Words seem to flow and I’m able to think outside the box a little more. In fact, I’m writing this post (and three others) on holiday whilst relaxed and after a couple of beers. Who’d’ve thought it. Alcohol to create, caffeine to motivate. You didn’t hear that from me. Drink responsibly kids!
Take a Pad – or your notes app on that phone of yours, but always have something to jot down ideas and prose as they come to you. Even if it’s just a quote or a line in a movie that speaks to you. Jot things down and you can come back to hem and expand/tidy up later. You just don’t want to miss that jewel of an idea.
What are your top tips for sparking creativity?