No Sun? No Problem | The St Moriz Fake Tan Range

Now I’m a regular fake tan fan i like to experiment a little bit! And although at the moment it’s more a case of keeping my natural holiday tan topped up a little I’ve found a whole range of budget tanners that work on pre-tanned or pretty pale skin to give a really natural glow with no fuss.

Instant Self Tanning Mousse (£4.50) – This is the first St Moriz product I tried and it’s my absolute favourite. A strange chocolate coloured mousse with colour guide that’s easy to apply and when washed off after 3-6 hours leaves you looking fabulously sun kissed. No streaks, and when used with a St Moriz tanning mitt no mess either – easy peasy. See my full review here!

Instant Self Tanning Lotion (£4)- An alternative route to that beautifully bronzed tan. Used in the same way as the tanning mousse the instant Self Tanning Lotion is more of a gel/cream consistency also with a guide colour and when applied with a mitt and washed off after 3-6 hours gives great golden coverage too. Personally I prefer the feel of the mousse but the lotion works just as well! Both products give a really realistic none-orange coloured tan and don’t smell too biscuity either!

Light & Dark Bronzing Powder (£4.99)- These golden highlighters are absolutely stunning. I use the light pan and with the gentle sweep of a brush it leaves a beautiful golden shimmer over my cheeks and high points. The Dark shade is a little too much for me but would look incredible on darker skin tones. A little goes a long way with these highlighters, they’re amazing!

Exfoliating Body Scrub (£4) – Always best to exfoliate before fake tanning to avoid those streaks. This scrub is yummy and so easy to use in it’s shower friendly tube. Apply in circular motions and rinse off before tanning for a smooth and even tan!

Instant Wash Off Face Tan (£4)- I’m a huge St Moriz fan, why pay premium prices when you can have a fantastic result for under a fiver – I’d definitely recommend picking some up the next time you’re in Boots (or Tesco) and giving them a go! This is a fantastic product!!! My foundation is matched to my normal skin tone so when I fake tan my face can look really washed out. Simply by mixing a little of this into my foundation I can match my face to the level of tan I have on my body without having to buy a range of foundation shades – brilliant stuff!!!

You can find the St Moriz products in Boots, Tescos,  or Superdrug stores starting at around £1.99!

St Moriz have also partnered up with The Look To Die For #binthebeds campaign to raise awareness of skin cancer from sunbed use – aren’t they good eggs?! You can find out more about the campaign by clicking the link above!

Have you tried any St Moriz products before? What’s your favourite fake tan?

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